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The main function of the conductive parts of the vacuum circuit breaker is to provide a current path when the circuit breaker is closed, so that the current can flow through the circuit breaker, thereby closing the circuit. When the circuit breaker is opened, the conductive parts need to withstand the impact of the current while ensuring that the current can be disconnected normally, thereby realizing the opening and closing of the circuit. Conductive parts are usually made of copper or copper alloy, which have good electrical conductivity and wear resistance, and can withstand high current and high temperature. At the same time, the design of conductive parts also needs to take into account the safety and reliability of the circuit breaker to ensure that the circuit breaker can work properly and protect the safe operation of the power system.

We are a trusted circuit breaker and parts manufacturer in China specializing in manufacturing high-quality circuit breakers and components. We utilize branded raw materials and employ an efficient quality control system, ensuring all components perform optimally.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

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Our circuit breakers are sophisticatedly built with the help of advanced equipment and refined craftsmanship, ensuring the extraordinary performance of your power system.

Liyond as a reliable circuit breaker supplier excels at providing custom-built circuit breaker solutions to cater to your specific needs and requirements. Backing up with our solid supply chain system and production capability, we are capable of manufacturing and sourcing your required switchgear components once and for all. Contact for more information.

As an established circuit breaker manufacturer in China, we strictly follow domestic technology standards and IEC standards to design and manufacture circuit breakers and components. Each product will be subjected to a variety of tests and inspections to ensure excellent performance and quality. 

Quality components are paramount when making a premium circuit breaker. In order to ensure excellent performance, we adopt a rigorous raw materials selection and inspection system to ensure exceptional quality. Our sound and well-organized supply chain system also significantly contributes to flawless material screening.

Our professional team applies modular design to our product development, allowing for ease of making changes and rearrangements to the switchgear system. The modular design involves fewer components, which results in low maintenance and easy integration of the circuit breakers.

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