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2023 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice


Dear all,

In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, our company will be closed from June 22th (Thursday) to June 24th (Saturday), 2023. We will resume work on June 25th (Sunday), 2023.

We wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival and hope that you can enjoy your time with family and friends. Let’s come back refreshed and energized after the holiday!


Welcome to learn about our traditional festival – Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duan Yang Festival, May Festival, etc., is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, celebrated every year on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. The Dragon Boat Festival originated in ancient China and is said to have been established in honor of the great national patriotic poet Qu Yuan. The Dragon Boat Festival is an important part of Chinese culture and an important festival among the traditional Chinese festivals. On the day of Dragon Boat Festival, people will carry out dragon boat race, eat zongzi, hanging mugwort leaves, drinking Xionghuang wine and a series of traditional customs.

1. Origin legend

According to legend, Qu Yuan was a loyal minister and poet of the state of Chu who opposed the corrupt officials of his time but was suppressed by the authorities. Later, the state was invaded by foreign enemies, and Qu Yuan felt so sad and painful about it that he finally threw himself into the river. In order to keep his body from being devoured by fish and shrimp, the people rowed dragon boats and jumped into the river, beating drums and using food and other items to lure away the fish and shrimp and protect Qu Yuan’s body. Since then, the Dragon Boat Festival has become a folk festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, and an important part of traditional Chinese culture.

2. Traditional customs

Dragon boat race: dragon boat race is one of the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, people will race in the river and lake rowing dragon boats, to commemorate the historical legend of rowing dragon boats to protect the corpse of Qu Yuan.

Eat zongzi: zongzi is the special food of the Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi has many raw materials, such as glutinous rice, red dates, meat, etc.. People make and share zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival day to celebrate the festival.

Hanging mugwort leaves: During the Dragon Boat Festival, people hang mugwort leaves, which are considered a way to ward off evil spirits.

Drinking Xiong Huang wine: Xiong Huang wine is the traditional drink of the Dragon Boat Festival and is believed to have the effect of warding off evil spirits and health.

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