Sustainability is not an empty word for us. We have a responsibility to the environment and we’re committed to utilizing sustainable resources when creating our quality switchgear components. By reducing the consumption of finite resources and lowering our carbon footprint, we contribute toward a green future the next generation can enjoy.


Utilizing Green & Reliable Materials

We utilize nylon for our insulation accessory. The nylon we use is eco-friendly; it is a recyclable material boasting minimal environmental impact. We also source branded electrical units that have a longer service life rather than different types of units that must be disposed of in landfills after a short period of use.

Introducing State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our innovative factory floor further reduces our carbon footprint when manufacturing quality switchgear components with advanced equipment that minimize waste and cost.

Automatic Switchgear Assembling Line

We use the latest switchgear assembly line that can assemble switchgear products quickly and accurately. As a result, the efficiency of our manufacturing process is increased and the labor costs, as well as the carbon footprint, are minimized.

Laser Cutting Machine

The precision provided by our laser cutting equipment allows us to efficiently handle raw materials. We significantly lower our wastage through our machine’s accuracy.

Progressive Molding Machine

We utilize advanced progressive molding equipment that lowers the time needed to complete the tulip contact, reducing our power consumption while increasing our productivity.


Reusing and Recycling Electrical Units

Any flawed component doesn’t go to waste; it goes through our ranking organization for reuse. Minimizing our waste further reduces our power consumption, decreases our resource usage, and lowers our CO2 emissions.


Innovation Breeds Sustainability

As an innovative switchgear component supplier, Liyond is always updated with the latest electrical engineering advancement and cutting-edge equipment, which allows us to lower the use of harmful substances, cut down resource usage, and reduce maintenance work. Our pursuit of innovation opens the door to a sustainable environment. 

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