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Earthing switches can be reliably closed against short-circuit currents, protecting the technicians and switchgear from inadvertent operation. Liyond is one of the reputable earthing switch manufacturers with superb engineering skills for creating high-grade earthing switches. Our 6S workshop management and top-grade QC system allow us to complete volume orders with a quick lead time while still offering premium quality and cost-effective prices.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

What is Earthing Switch/Ground Switch

earthing switch

Earthing switch/ earth switch, also known as ground switch or grounding switch, is an electrical safety mechanism that is considered crucial in circuit breakers. Once a circuit breaker is cleared and racked out, the bus bar sections adjacent to the circuit breaker are automatically earthed through these switches device. This event safeguards the maintenance personnel from any possible accidental voltages.

The closing activity of a ground switch/grounding switch is called a snap action type, making it dimensioned to withstand short circuit currents. Also, the earthing switch is commonly used with isolators and can be motorized. Whenever the isolator isolates the circuits, the earthing switch/earth switch contacts the busbar and discharges any accumulated power current whenever the isolator isolates the circuits.

Full Earthing Switch Options for Your Needs

Grab your custom earthing switches/ grounding switches here at Liyond that are highly reliable, durable, and long-lasting for your application’s electrical operation at affordable costs. 

Here are the features you can customize for your earthing switches:

Choose the dimension of your ground switch that suits your application requirements. With Liyond, your custom devices are efficiently made sourced from high-quality materials, making sure we only deliver the superior earthing switches in the global market.

You can choose your technical parameter for your custom earthing switch here in Liyond. You can select your preferred rated current and number of poles to suit your power system application.
At Liyond, you are the boss in choosing the material in terms of preparing your custom high voltage earthing switch. You can choose from wooden boxes, carton boxes, up to pallet selections.

What Earthing Switch is Used for?

Earthing switch/ground switch is a manually operated electrical device with safety interlocking keys. Generally, the function of the earthing switch is to protect the maintenance personnel and electrical switchgear from inadvertent operation during maintenance and routine checking. To know more, here are the industries that require a high voltage earthing switch. They are widely used in:


Earth switch in substation isolates one segment of the circuit from the other, and they do not perform an open action while the power current is flowing in the line.

Electrical Switchgear

Earthing switches are typically applied in high & medium voltage switchgear. Earth switch in switchgear isolates any incoming and outgoing feeders to discharge static charges carried by the feeder for power system maintenance.

Transmission line

Earthing switches are applied to discharge the capacitive voltage that was stored in the long transmission line conductors in the isolated system just after the opening act of the isolator and circuit breaker.


High speed earthing switch is used in transformers to isolate electrical voltage for maintenance purposes of the power system and to protect the technician from any possible electrical accident.

Why Wholesale Earthing Switch in Liyond?

As of this date, Liyond is one of the leading high voltage switch manufacturers in the market. We ensure our clients with durable, high quality materials for an efficient power system. Here is a list of advantages of earthing switches from Liyond:

Compact design

Earthing switches are structured in small sizes as we integrate modular components into our electrical device to realize a compact, saving space feature that ensures high environmental adaptability.

Stable performance

Liyond's high speed earthing switch/ground switch has rugged construction applicable to electrical locomotives with proven efficient performance under the severe operating condition of the Electric Traction Vehicle.

High Safety Factor

The general function of high voltage earthing switches/ground switch is to protect and safeguard the maintenance personnel and switchgear power system from inadvertent operation during maintenance and routine checking.

Remote Operation

Through advanced technology developed by our skilled engineers and research and development team, we manufacture earth switches/ high speed grounding switch that can perform automatedly and remotely.

Minimum maintenance

Our professional team sourced and applied superior grade raw materials to earthing switches parts, resulting in reliable and efficient functioning with minimum or almost no maintenance required.

Benefit From Your Reliable
Earthing Switch Manufacturers

Choose a well-reputed high voltage earthing switch manufacturer, so choose Liyond! We assure to equip your business with reliable, durable, and optimized ground switches that will significantly contribute to and smoothen your application’s electrical operations. We have been in the industry for a decade, making us earn the loyalty of valued clients.

Large number of reliability tests

We perform a series of meticulous reliability tests to ensure the efficiency and reliability of our earth switches, which includes visual, transmission, insulation, dielectric, mechanical, and closing operations.

Safety is Paramount for Power System

Liyond strives for the safety of our clients, and the primary function of our earthing switches is to safeguard the technical personnel and electrical switchgear power system during maintenance and routine checking.

Satisfactory tailor-made Solutions

As a reputable grounding switch manufacturer with superb engineering skills for creating high-grade custom earthing switches plus we complete volume orders with a quick lead time while bringing premium quality products at cost-effective prices.

High performance manufacturing process

Liyond is an advocate of sustainable manufacturing. We guarantee our clients that our products went through a series of rigid testing before packing and delivering your switchgear components to your doorstep

Global after-sales service

We are your one-stop shop service for your custom high speed earthing switch needs. Simply send us the complete data of your preferred application, and we will take care of the rest.

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