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As a trusted ring main unit manufacturer, Liyond has been serving the electrical industry for years now. With extensive expertise in the industry, we  have earned an excellent reputation in supplying quality components required to set up a reliable electrical system. Our team is backed with a top-notch quality product line and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deal with clients at a global level.

Ring Main Unit RMU

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

What is RMU Ring Main Unit

RMU switchgear

The RMU is an acronym for Ring Main Unit. It is integrated electrical equipment employed to measure, connect, and combine a fixed type breaker with a transformer’s protection function. It is a set of switchgear assembled by the factory and is used at the points of load connection of a distribution network in the form of a ring.

RMU switchgear options are avail in Liyond

Depending on the varied and unique needs, we offer different switchgear options to make things easy for our consumers. We are the leading RMU manufacturers and ensure to provide the best to our consumers. The different kinds of RMU supplied are listed below.

Based on the structure

We manufacture extensible RMU switchgear options when an ample space is available. Also, if you need to handle more units, an extensible RMU will be an ideal solution.

Based on insulated medium

We manufacture high-quality sf6 RMU/gas insulated substation that is fully insulated. This unit is completely isolated as well for maximum benefits. We develop the SF6 RMU option for cable circuit applications.

  • We offer compact RMU switchgear options for small spaces. The compact RMU will not take up much space and can be easily fitted wherever needed. 
We manufacture a quality air insulated substation with compact metal-enclosed switchgear. This option is suitable for the automation of distribution. It ensures flexible operations, has a compact structure and offers maximum benefits.

The oil insulated RMU designed at our manufacturing units are suitable for corrosive and harsh environmental conditions. These options are fully system extendable and are compact in design. We ensure additional safety by manufacturing reliable options.  

Where could Our Central Ring Unit be used?

The RMU designed, manufactured and supplied by our experts have extensive use. They are used in numerous industries to ensure the safety and durability of electrical systems.


Power Utilities

The RMU can be used and installed at power utility locations for maximum benefits. Our quality options are ideal and reliable solutions that help ensure complete safety.


Standby Power and renewable energy sectors

Our Ring Main Units can be installed in the renewable energy sectors and are ideal solutions for voltage stabilization, photo-voltaic, and optimisation.



The healthcare industry can also install RMUs supplied by our team. We have many clients satisfied with the quality and price point offered.


Industrial plants

All industrial plants can easily install our units and obtain the maximum benefits. We have been supplying them to multiple industries for years now.


Distribution station

The distribution station is another option that can use our central ring units and obtain the maximum benefits. Our units are all manufactured, keeping the specifics in mind.

Features of RMU Switchgear

The RMU switchgear available at our disposal has multiple features that make them the most attractive and advantageous options. Some of the features that make RMU worthwhile are listed below:


Reliability is one feature that makes people choose the option, no matter what. The safety of the whole power system is dependent on the RMU substation, and it helps ensure greater benefits.

Quick Operation

The prime requirement fulfilled by RMU switchgear is a fast response. The switchgear helps identify faulty devices and helps cut them off from the system as early as possible.

Manual Control Provision

The provision for controlling the RMU manually is another critical feature of the switchgear. This way, even if the automatic control fails, you have a backup option to ensure maximum benefits.


Based on the needs and requirements, you can choose an RMU switchgear in an extensible or compact design. This ensures space management to a great extent.

Why choose Liyond as your RMU(Ring main unit) manufacturers

Liyond is one of the highly acclaimed RMU manufacturers, suppliers and service providers for electrical systems. Our clientele is completely satisfied by the premium products offered. We list some of the major benefits you can obtain by choosing us as your RMU partner.

Use of Latest Technology

Our designers and experts employ the latest technology and methods to manufacture our RMU substation. Creativity helps us stand out among our competitors.

High quality guarantee

Our RMU substations are all manufactured by GB and IEC standards, and our sf6 RMU and services have been widely used all over the world. The quality of our RMU switchgear has gained the trust and repeat orders from top 500 international companies like GE.

Timely Delivery of Products

Our huge production capacity makes us handle huge orders. We ensure delivery of quality products on time. Our professionals help us meet deadlines every time.

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