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Electrical switchgears protect electrical systems by controlling, regulating, and switching on or off electrical circuits in case of faults or overload. Liyond is a meticulous switchgear manufacturer, producing premium and cost-effective custom-made electrical switchgear and switchgear solutions. With high-quality aluminum-zinc coated plates acting as enclosures, our switchgear systems come with excellent corrosion resistance. We offer electrical switchgear in a modular design for quick installation and convenient configuration to work in any facility.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

Fulfill Your Custom Electrical Switchgear Needs in Liyond

Our gas insulated substation experts are all highly qualified and well-versed in catering to the unique needs of our clients and making us the best switchgear manufacturing company. You can get custom switchgear design based on your specific requirements.
Depending on the level of voltage you are looking for, we will offer a customized solution in switchgear. Let us know the purpose for which you are looking to buy switchgear, and we will provide the best results to you.
Depending on where you will install the switchgear, we will customize it so that it is best suited for the location and lasts long.
We can also customize particular switchgear based on the specific requirements of our clients when it comes to technical parameters. That said, the number of poles, rated current, etc., is all that we can modify as per needs.
Our experts can also modify and customize switchgear based on different insulating mediums. The available options include solid, sf6 gas insulated switchgear , and air-insulated switchgear. Get switchgear customized by a professional electrical switchgear company.

Wholesale Various electrical switchgear from Liyond

Liyond is manufacturing and supplying several different kinds of switchgear and providing quality products to our consumers. We give due significance to every stage of production to ensure quality. Multiple quality tests are done to offer premium quality electrical switchgear at each stage.

By different Installation location

Based on the location of metal clad switchgear installation, we manufacture different kinds of switchgear to serve different purposes. Depending on where you want to install switchgear, you can choose to go with one of the options listed below.

By different voltage

Switchgears are available with different voltage capacities to serve different needs. We are one of the best switchgear manufacturers, manufacturing all different types. This solid insulated switchgear is linked directly to the power supply system, and based on the voltage level, they are classified into three categories.

The metal enclosed switchgear manufactured by our team offers outstanding reliability for all electrical work done. We are one of the leading manufacturing companies of the latest electrical switchgear solutions for all kinds of electricity-related works of all scales.

Low voltage switchgear deals with low voltages of up to 1KV. It generally consists of LV circuit breakers, switches, molded case circuit breakers, etc.

We design air insulated switchgear to work well in low voltage units. We produce indoor switchgear on a large scale and offer quality solutions to help you obtain maximum benefits. The switchgear manufactured is all quality-tested and dependable. 
The medium voltage switchgear manufactured is ideal for power systems that handle the middle range of the power supply. It deals up to 36KV. The mid voltage switchgear is available in different types, like the Ring Main Unit RMU outdoor and indoor type, and the no metal-enclosed switchgear type. 
  • The power system above 36KV is classified as high voltage switchgear. We take special care while designing this particular choice since it is a significant type.

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What Applications can Our Electrical Switchgear be used for?

Electrical switchgears are employed for a large number of applications. We design and manufacture MV and HV switchgear, keeping the different power and distribution systems in mind. This helps us serve a wide variety of industries and cater to the demands of almost all sectors operating in today’s world. We make it a point to incorporate the latest designs, manufacturing techniques, monitoring systems, as well as energy management technology.

Mining Industry

We serve the specific needs of mining industries as well. We are a top switchgear manufacturing company that caters to the specific demands of the mining industry cost-effectively.

Oil/Gas Industry

The switchgear manufactured at our unit is also beneficial for the oil/gas industry. We offer the basic and advanced technologies in switchgear to serve high voltage needs.

Wastewater Treatment

We provide switchgear for wastewater treatment as well. We provide several options based on their requirement, whether they are looking for low voltage or medium voltage options.


Our switchgear is designed and manufactured according to different industrial needs so that they make the best choice for the telecommunications industry as well.

Data Centers

We are Switchgear suppliers and manufacture custom solutions for data centers. Switchgear is a critical part of the electrical system, and therefore, we make sure that high-quality options are offered to ensure smooth operations in data centers.

Multi-story buildings

The custom switchgear options are also provided for multi-story buildings. Based on the specific requirements like compact size、high voltage, different switchgear types are designed and manufactured.

Why choose Liyond as your electrical switchgear manufacturers?

Liyond has been serving the world with reliable and cost-effective electrical solutions for years now and is a renowned electrical switchgear manufacturer. We are one of the quality manufacturers and suppliers showing value. We offer fully integrated solutions into one seamless modular design.

Compact Design

Our experts pay attention to quality, and our high-quality design and manufacturing experience set us apart from our competitors. Our compact switchgear could meet the factories which don't have enough room but need high voltage.

Cooperate with the Top 500 Companies in the World:

We are a global switchgear supplier and other electrical components. Our products and services have been widely used all over China and the other markets located globally. The quality of our switchgear has gained the trust and repeat orders from some top international electric companies.

High Quality Certificates

Our team has obtained several certificates in the industry. In 2012, Liyond was awarded ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, and in 2014, we were awarded a CE certificate. In 2019, gain ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification. All of our manufacturing is by GB and IEC standards.

Quality Customer Care

The primary focus of our sales team is to make our customers happy. We know that satisfied customers will always come back to us in the future and will refer us to others.A major part of our business is run by satisfied repeat customers and by referrals.

Complete Portfolio

We offer full-service electrical component solutions for our consumers to make the most of their power systems. We offer complete high voltage circuit breakers, HV & MV switchgear, and switchgear components.

Clean Production Enterprise

We manufacture switchgear according to ISO14001 Environmental Management Certification And Environmental protection and green production. We employ advanced equipment to reduce material loss and reduce costs as a whole, reflecting environmental protection production.

Powerful Production Capacity

With our spacious, 20000sqm manufacturing floor and fully equipped testing stations, Liyond can take on the largest scale projects. Automatic equipment improves 20-30% efficiency. We also offer the fastest manufacturing cycles in the industry.

How do we manufacture Switchgears?

We are a leading electrical switchgear manufacturer who carries out the entire manufacturing process in-house. We have several inspection rounds to ensure that quality is maintained. Being a part of the electrical system, it is critical to check things thoroughly to prevent mishaps of all kinds. Hence, we carry out an intense quality inspection at the end to check the quality of switchgear produced. We take pride in the quality of the product and service offered. 


At the time of establishment, we had a zeal to excel in electrical engineering, and today, we have a pool of satisfied clients who recommend us for all needs related to electrical systems.

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