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A vacuum circuit breaker is a type of circuit breaker where the arc extinguishing takes place in a vacuum. In order to empower the excellent arc extinguishing performance, we as a professional vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer adopt the best arc vacuum interrupter in China. Integrating modular design, our vacuum circuit breakers feature lightweight, environmentally-friendly, and reliable properties.

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What is Vacuum Circuit Breaker

vacuum circuit breaker

A vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) is a high voltage circuit breaker where the arc quenching happens in a vacuum medium. The process of switching on and closing of current carrying contacts and interrelated arc interruption occurs in a vacuum chamber, called a vacuum interrupter.


In the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker working principle, once the VCB contacts are opened within the vacuum, the arc can be generated among the contacts through the metal vapor ionization in the contacts. But, the arc can be quenched easily as the electrons, ions, and metallic vapors generated throughout the arc quickly condense over the outsides of the circuit breaker contacts so that the dielectric strength can be quickly recovered.

Wide Vacuum Circuit Breaker Options for Your Needs

Get your custom VCB circuit breaker at Liyond. As a trusted OEM VCB manufacturer, we make sure that we meet every customer’s needs by offering various types of HV vacuum circuit breakers.

Permanent Magnetic Actuator Mechanism VCB Breaker

The permanent magnetic actuators are extensively used in medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers due to their high reliability and controllability.

Electromagnetic Operating Mechanism VCB Breaker

The electromagnetic operating mechanism VCB ideally matches the requirements of vacuum interrupters. It is a single-steady-state magnetic system that has a magnetic core and armature mounted for displacement, control coil, and permanent magnets positioned in the magnetic system.

Spring-operated Mechanism VCB breaker

A spring-operated mechanism is driven by the mechanical energy stored in springs. Generally, the closing spring is mechanically charged by a motor and is held in its compressed position by a closing latch.

Application of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Today, the vacuum circuit breaker is recognized as the most reliable current interruption technology for medium & high voltage switchgear. It requires minimum maintenance compared to other circuit breaker technologies. The technology is mainly suitable for medium voltage & high voltage applications. Here are the following vacuum circuit breaker applications you should know. They are widely used in:

High Voltage Application

Liyond offers medium voltage and high voltage vacuum circuit breakers. Our VCB circuit breaker is considered superior compared with air and SF6 circuit breakers because of its special dielectric medium, which is applied at high pressure.


For railway applications, the vacuum circuit breaker functions for traction current and electric supply switching. This model can be operated both manually and automatically.

Substation and Generators

Our MV vacuum circuit breaker in the substation is one of the safest and most advanced products of its kind in the market. This is why our products are extensively used in transformer substations.


Subway trains also use vacuum circuit breakers since this industry requires high switching sequences and traction current. We offer breakers that can be operated both manually and automatically.

Nuclear Power

The vacuum circuit breakers in the power system interrupt the double earth faults and out-of-phase currents in nuclear power plant applications. It’s one of the most important parts in controlling current.

Accessories for Vacuum Circuit Breaker are Available in Liyond

The vacuum interrupter was introduced in 1960, and over time, its size has reduced but further improved its function to prevent unwarranted electrical currents. Even though the components have gotten smaller through the years, each part developed and was considered exceptional. Here is a list of vacuum circuit breaker parts and their description of functions.

Vacuum interrupters’ function is to prevent unwarranted electrical currents; this is why they are used for repetitive switching, fault protection, motor inrush current interruption, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection.

A. Airtight system

It is composed of a gas-tight insulating cylinder, a movable end cover plate, a fixed end cover plate, and stainless steel bellows. It supports the moving and static contacts, and it is tightly welded to guarantee a high vacuum in the arc extinguishing chamber.

B. Conductive system
The vacuum interrupter’s contact structure greatly influences its breaking capacity, electrical durability, and level of current chopping. The conductive system includes dynamic and static conductive rods and conductive blocks. 
1. Static Contact
The static contact of the medium voltage circuit breakers is located inside the arc shield. It is enclosed in a permanently sealed vacuum interrupter.
2. Moving Contact
The moving contact of the breaker is situated inside the arc shield. It moves through a distance of 5mm to 10mm, depending upon the operating voltage.
C. Shield system

A vacuum interrupter has a shield system to avoid any contact material vaporized during an arc from condensing on the inside of the vacuum envelope.

D. Bellows

The bellows in the vacuum interrupter provide an ultra-high vacuum seal while allowing the translational motion of the moving electrical contact in the vacuum chamber.

Vacuum circuit breakers can be customized based on your preferred operating mechanism. The operating mechanism produces and stores energy to operate the circuit breaker. They have different types, such as:

A. Spring operating mechanism

This is placed between the ends of the toggle links and the vacuum interrupter bottles. The spring operating mechanism is adjustable by the use of shims.

B. Electromagnetic operating mechanism

The electromagnetic operating mechanism enhances the VCB’s reliability, management, and power efficiency. Magnetic triggers are required for high voltage applications.

C. Permanent magnet operating mechanism

The permanent magnetic operating mechanism is designed with low cost, a simple structure, and high reliability. It is used as a driving component and moving part.

A vacuum interrupter is also composed of essential parts, such as the bottom terminal, support insulator, insulator, arcing range, and the like.

Why Wholesale Vacuum Circuit Breakers in Liyond?

Liyond vacuum circuit breakers are beneficial in many aspects. They are compact in size, lightweight, arc extinguishing without maintenance, and have multiple reclosing functions. This is why the VCB mechanism is suitable for frequent operation in the distribution network application. Here are the key advantages of a vacuum circuit breaker:

High Interruption Capability

The most important feature of VCB is that once the arc is generated within the vacuum, it can be extinguished quickly because of the quick improvement rate in the vacuum's dielectric strength.

Long Mechanical Lifetime

The vacuum circuit breaker operation has stable performance throughout because its performance cannot quickly decline, thanks to the wholly sealed structure of the tool.

Minimum Maintenance

Generally, our VCB can last up to 20 years without inspection. Vacuum circuit breaker maintenance in Liyond is unnecessary because it will still function well through the years.

High Cost Performance

Our very compact-sized, lightweight VCB with a small operating mechanism is low maintenance. You will save more due to its high performance and better efficiency.


Dielectric medium in VCB circuit breakers is superior. Unlike OCB or ABCB, the explosion of VCB can be avoided. This enhances the safety of the operating personnel.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the key advantages of vacuum circuit breakers is that they have no gas exhaust in the atmosphere, plus they work in a noiseless operation.

No Fire Hazard

As one of the leading vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers, our VCBs are non-flammable and non-combustible, technically eliminating fire hazards.

Benefit From Your Committed Vacuum Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

As your reliable and caring vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer, we always take modular structure and product sustainability into account. Our company has been helping many businesses in customizing VCB circuit breaker structures. Here are the benefits you can experience when partnering with Liyond.

Outstanding Creative Ability

Our excellent qualified engineers and R&D team proposes great vacuum circuit breaker functions and designs, gain patents and qualified international certificates, including CE, GB, IEC, and Utility Model Certificate.

Wholesale VCB Circuit Breaker Price

With the help of our independent R&D team, we produce VCB circuit breaker in our own factory and are able to generate bulks of medium and high-voltage VCB circuit breaker.

High Vacuum Circuit Breaker Quality

We commit to strict quality inspection system and international standards and tests, including ISO9001 and ISO14001. What’s more, Liyond partners with the top 500 companies worldwide, including TAVRIDA, GE, EATON, and CG.

Fast Production Turn-around

With our streamlined production and partnership with reliable logistic businesses, we complete large orders one week earlier than competitors. 20-30% work and production efficiency are improved in our factory.

Worry-free Services

We offer a lifetime after-sales technical services and 18 months of product warranty as part of our vacuum circuit breaker services, which is a warranty of 6 months longer compared to other competitors.

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