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A load break switch is a disconnect switch that makes or break specified currents. Liyond is a benchmark among load break switch manufacturers with our extensive knowledge in electrical engineering and precision manufacturing practice. Our load break switch prices help you increase your ROI while providing optimum protection for electrical circuits. We can also complete volume orders with a short lead time due to our streamlined manufacturing capabilities.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

What is Load Break Switch(LBS)?


Load break switch(LBS) is broadly utilized in the medium voltage and high voltage industry for switching and security purposes. They are well known in the market for isolating electric current vision in a compact structure that makes contributions to area saving installation and operational convenience. 


Vacuum circuit breakers are also used with switching on and off the electric supply. The selection between the two relies on the client, but commonly, a load break switch partnered with a vacuum circuit breaker is a more reliable selection.


In general, load break switch has two types, the SF6 load break switch and air load break switch. In the air blast type, the interrupter heads, the same as those used for isolation purposes in air-blast circuit breakers, are employed for making and breaking currents. In SF6 type LBS, the gas serves as an insulating and arc quenching medium.

Full Load Break Switch Options for Your Needs

Get your tailor made load break switch lbs selections at Liyond! We offer durable, efficient, and long-lasting for your application’s electrical operation at affordable costs. Here are the features you can customize for your load breaker switches.

You get to select your load break switch sizes depending on your application needs. Your custom products are well-taken care of, thanks to our reliable suppliers that deliver high-grade raw materials, ensuring we only provide the best load break switch parts in the market.

With Liyond, you can customize your load break switches by choosing various insulating mediums, such as getting an Sf6 load break switch or air load break switch.
Here in Liyond, you can also choose a preferred technical parameter for your custom load break switch. You can also opt for a fused load break switch with your selected rated current and number of poles.
When it comes to your custom lbs switch packaging, you are the boss in choosing the material. We offer wooden boxes, carton boxes, and pallets.

Know the Function of Load Break Switch

Load break switches function as the distributor, controller, and protector to supply a safe current for your application. They can be used in conjunction with power distributing devices, ring network switch cabinets, and combined substations. Here is a list to know more about the use of load break switch:

Switch the supply safely

Load break switches are used to control and protect power transformers. Load break switch lbs is designed to switch the power “on or off” or revert the position in series with high-voltage fuses when the transformer is energized.

Distribute, control, and protection of current

Load break switch is widely used in high-rise buildings and public facilities and can be utilized as a ring network power supply or terminal, playing a role in distribution, control and protection of current.

Why Wholesale Load Break Switch in Liyond?

Liyond has been one of the leading load break switch manufacturers in China. We source superior quality materials and employ an efficient quality control system, ensuring all components function properly. Here are the advantages of load break switches from Liyond:

Safety and reliability

We produce safe and reliable load break switch lbs because we consider the resistance factor for material, reason why they last almost a lifetime even though they are operated frequently.

Without maintenance

Load break switch lbs is structured with compact design with an easy turn-on and off feature. We offer light small-sized load break switches and they almost need no maintenance.

Large breaking capacity

As your load break switch manufacturers, we create sf6 load break switch that has a large breaking capacity. They are featured with breaking short-circuit and overload current capability.

Remote Operation

Load break switch lbs has an obvious isolation fracture. They are equipped with an electric spring mechanism of a grounding switch with closing and closing capabilities, which can be remotely controlled.

Benefit From Your Committed Load Break Switch Manufacturers

Equip your equipment with durable, reliable, and long-lasting load break switches that will surely fit your requirements and smoothen your application’s electrical operation at reasonable costs. Liyond has been around the business since 2011, and we have been dedicated to structuring and producing superior switchgear components, including load break switches.  Here are the reasons why we earn our customers’ loyalty:

Outstanding Innovation Ability

Our company is composed of a skilled research and development team who make sure that Liyond always offers the latest electrical switchgear components for the efficiency and reliability of your power system.

Safety is Paramount for Power System

Our insulating mediums, such as the Sf6 load break switch and air load break switch, are made up of superior quality to avoid short-circuit or overload current. Hence, you can guarantee that your power system is secured in Liyond.

High Load Break Switch Quality

The most crucial feature of our load break switches is their high load break switch quality, meaning they can handle even high and medium voltage current power systems.

Efficient Manufacturing Process

From molding processing, molding injection, up to point-to-point inspection and tests in load break switch production and packaging and delivery, Liyond assures you lean manufacturing as we promote sustainable production operations.

One-step Services

Liyond can serve as your one-stop shop when it comes to your electrical switchgear system and component needs. Just provide us the complete information of your project and we will make your vision into reality.

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