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As a trusted medium-voltage switchgear manufacturer, Liyond utilizes superb workmanship and acquires raw materials from trusted suppliers to create premium switchgear systems at affordable prices. Ensuring constant safety and electrical stability, our switchgear systems are made to last and require minimal maintenance, which helps reduce environmental damage.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

Full Medium Voltage Switchgear Options For Your Custom Need

Get your custom medium voltage switchgear from reputable mv switchgear manufacturers. Liyond provides OEM high voltage switchgear services with the help of our skilled technical team. We make sure that we meet every customer’s modular switchgear needs.


Send your preferred measurement or types like fixed, withdrawable, RMU, and ME/MC switchgear, and we will do the rest for you.


Our MV switchgear enclosures are made from aluminum-zinc coated plates. You can provide us with your preferred material for the internal components.

Technical parameter

You can also select from the different switchgear technical parameters. We can customize your preferred current, number of poles, and more.

Insulating Medium

Get custom MV switchgear by selecting different insulating mediums, such as solid, air, or gas insulated switchgear.

Supply Various Medium Voltage
Switchgears For Different Requirements

As a professional medium voltage switchgear manufacturer, Liyond is your go-to place if you are looking for a custom MV switchgear in bulk. We offer various internal construction and different insulating mediums for your custom MV switchgear.

by Internal Construction

Liyond provides various MV switchgear products intended for different applications. Knowing the switchgear construction  for your application are among the crucial factors you need to understand when deciding which installation method is ideal for your requirements. 

Fixed switchgear uses a reliable magnetic actuator. However, it has fewer switch statuses and less to connect to centralized process control. 

Withdrawable switchgear has more switching statuses that can communicate to the centralized process control. Also, it provides a test position, allowing the centralized process control to operate the breaker external from the switchgear.

A ring main unit (RMU) switchgear is commonly utilized to load ring-type distribution network connection points. This is applied for medium-voltage power distribution, from 7200 to 36000 volts.

A metal enclosed and metal clad switchgear are both compartmentalized to isolate significant parts, including instrument transformers, bare bus, connections with grounded metal barriers, control wiring, switches and fuses, and accessory devices. It‘s the best way to protect the inner parts.

by Insulating Medium

You also get to choose your insulating medium for your medium voltage switchgear. It is essential to know the different types of insulating medium to land on the right option. Here in Liyond, you can select from the following:

Air insulated switchgear takes up the air as the insulation media structured voltage ranges to medium voltage power distribution system. This type both controls and protects the switchgear’s power system.

Gas insulated switchgear houses isolators and other components in a single gas enclosure with a compact footprint. This type saves space compared with air-insulated switchgear equipment, though the device cost is a bit higher. 

Solid insulation switchgear is generally based on epoxy or PU resin. You can find some examples of this switchgear type in drive links from the operating mechanism to the interrupter and pressure enclosures.
Get your reliable medium voltage & high voltage switchgear products here in Liyond. In addition, we offer OEM electrical switchgear services. Reach us for more information.

What Applications can Medium Voltage Switchgear be used for?

Since the function of MV switchgear is to isolate, control, and protect circuit protection devices, it is used in many industries, buildings, commercial complexes, hotels, railways, power plants, and more. Liyond offers many types of switchgear products and accessories, and we can cater to several sectors.


They are widely used in:

Power generation station

MV switchgear provides adequate segmentation of the medium voltage system to lessen the circuit outages on cables and power stations. It helps in the distribution of overloads during maintenance and of different electrical connectors.

Distribution substations

Medium voltage switchgear is essential in the distribution substations because it detects the fault and disconnects the unhealthy section from the electrical system.

Commercial and industrial buildings

Switchgear systems are crucial in commercial and industrial buildings to avoid electrical source malfunction that could cause a fire accident. Get your durable MV switchgear solutions here at Liyond.


For airports, a reliable power supply is the main priority, this is why a switchgear power system is essential to control and isolate overloads and short circuits.

Nuclear power

Since nuclear power plants should be able to manage a significant amount of energy in extremely safe conditions, medium voltage switchgear enclosures are required to use in all system functions.

Data center

A custom medium voltage switchgear is directly connected to the electrical supply's reliability that powers the entire data center facility since its inner parts like switches, fuses, and circuit breakers could protect, control, and isolate electrical equipment.

Industrial factories

Industrial factories like refineries, paper mills plants use massive amounts of energy in daily operations, this is why a switchgear system is essential to manage, isolate, and protect all system functions in the application.

Urban infrastructure and other engineer projects

Because of its interlocking system, MV & HV switchgear plays an integral part in maintaining the urban infrastructure and other engineering projects safe and protected from electrical accidents.

Meidum Voltage Switchgear Components Available in Liyond

Here in Liyond,  clients could enjoy the quality products and services because we offer the latest switchgear components in the global market. Now, you do not have to look for many medium voltage switchgear manufacturers because we got all you need as your one-stop shop. Our switchgear accessories and components are manufactured according to GB standards and built to last, surpassing industry standards.
Our high voltage circuit breakers have high interruption capacity, high cost performance, long mechanical lifetime, and only require minimal maintenance, so wholesale your VCB here would be a good choice.
Circuit breaker VCB contacts ensure a continued and safe flow of power. Our high-quality circuit breaker contacts are made according to your requirements to guarantee long-lasting use and reduce maintenance costs.

A switch is a switchgear component used to connect, disconnect, interrupt, or divert the conducting path in the power system.

A. Load Break Switch

A load break switch is a disconnect switch that makes or breaks particular currents. With our extensive knowledge in electrical engineering and precision manufacturing practice, Liyond serves as a benchmark among switch manufacturers.

B. Earthing Switch

Earthing switches can be closed against short-circuit currents, which safeguards the technicians and switchgear from an accidental operation. Our company is among the reputable switch manufacturers with excellent engineering skills for producing top-grade earthing switches.
Our vaccum contactor is structured to turn on and off the standard working current frequently. Since our vacuum contactors work with medium and high voltages for frequent switching operations, they are widely applied in several demanding applications.

This component is used when a current or voltage is too high to measure directly. Our current transformer is made from high-grade materials that are durably tested and long-lasting.

Because a lightning arrester is used to divert abnormal high voltages to the ground without affecting the power’s continuous supply, it is typically installed in entry points, like near generators and electrical panels.

The main function of these parts is to keep electrical conductors from making unintended contact with each other. Liyond produces high-quality insulation accessories that pass international standards and could manufacture custom insulation accessories.
In control relays, disconnectors, and gas insulated busbars are all typically housed in switchgear enclosures. Liyond manufactures high-quality custom switchgear components and accessories to address the special needs of the global market.

Why Wholesale Medium Voltage Switchgear from Liyond

Liyond is one of the best switchgear companies in the worldwide market. We source high-quality materials and employ an efficient quality control system, making sure all parts perform ideally. Here are the advantages of medium voltage & high voltage switchgear from Liyond:

High-quality Aluminum-Zinc coated plate

Our company manufactures high-quality switchgear enclosures. We utilize aluminum-zinc coated plate as the material of our enclosures which feature excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum-zinc alloys are durable because it is a tough material yet affordable.

Modular design to ensure high adaptability

Our modular switchgear products are in modular designs to guarantee high adaptability. Since Liyond's switchgear is highly adaptable to the environment, it is very suitable for high altitude area applications, and will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Interlocking system to ensure extreme safety

Our high voltage switchgear is fully enclosed to make sure that they can be used safely. With the help of our interlocking system, the live part is sealed in a grounded metal shell. Hence, there is no risk of electric shock using our HV switchgear enclosure.

Reliable insulating medium

Our high voltage switchgear has a reliable insulating medium to ensure there is no risk of fire. For our medium and high voltage application, we offer SF6 gas insulated switchgear designs that are widely used due to their superior electrical insulating quality.

Short installation and repair time

Our HV switchgear can be installed in a short period since it can be delivered to the site in unit forms. Our high voltage switchgear is not hard to maintain because they can be placed from a low-ground distance. Hence, they can be checked daily at ease.

The ability to eliminate adverse external influences

Since we offer an interlocking system, the live part is enclosed by a metal shell. This protection shields the internal components from electromagnetic and static electricity. Moreover, it helps to reduce noise and bring out strong anti-radio interference ability.

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