Quality Control

Quality Is in Everything We Do

Quality is a top priority at Liyond. We understand how important product reliability is to power systems. By complying with GB3906 and IEC298 standards through our efficient QC system, we can ensure reliable and safe performance of our switchgear systems and components.

Qualified Team of Inspectors
Qualified Team of Inspectors

Our meticulous quality inspectors with years of experience and expertise are capable of detecting any flaws and any malfunctioning to ensure you get products of exceptional quality.

Sophisticated Inspection Equipment
Sophisticated Inspection Equipment

We utilize cutting-edge machinery from prestigious brands, allowing our inspectors to thoroughly diagnose all of our switchgear and components.

Documented Quality Procedures
Documented Quality Procedures

Liyond’s team follows the manufacturing procedures of our strict SOP documents which are based on GB and industry standards.

Every Component Counts

To create reliable switchgear products and parts, we utilize a strict selection and inspection of all raw materials. Our qualified inspectors conduct a stringent series of checking procedures to ensure the materials are within our set parameters. We also evaluate vendors’ accountability and work with branded suppliers to preserve a steady supply of materials that meets your standards.


Quality Control in Processing

During production, we strictly follow our fastidious workflow to manufacture and ensure quality throughout every step.

Point-to-Point Inspection
Point-to-Point Inspection

Self-inspections and mutual inspection will be conducted by dedicated workers throughout the manufacturing process. Our team follows our formulated SOP documents when inspecting our switchgear products to ensure every aspect of the part is checked.

Defect Tracking System
Defect Tracking System

All defects and issues will be meticulously marked down on the quality inspection card. Any existing problems will be tracked and tackled as soon as possible to ensure reliable quality and flawless performance of our products.

Concrete 6S Material Store
Concrete 6S Material Store

Each defective component is sorted according to a ranking system and stored correctly in specific areas in our factory. Organizing our materials, tools, and infrastructure can significantly lower the production error rates while increasing our productivity.

Type Test Guarantees Excellent Performance

New products will be subjected to the type tests involving an independent and reliable third party to make sure all the product’s functions work properly and the products are ready for mass production. By conducting type tests, we can ensure exceptional quality and excellent performance, providing you with a peace-of-mind purchasing experience.


Meticulous Factory Tests

Meticulous factory tests will be conducted thoroughly on each product before warehousing to ensure premium performance.

Visual Inspection
Transmission Inspection
Insulation Test
Mechanical Operation Test
Closing Operation of Spring
Dielectric Test

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