Innovation is Our Productivity

Innovation is the key to success. We have been spending 20% of our turnover annually on innovation to improve the overall competitiveness in the fierce market. Learning and absorbing new technology timely keeps us at the forefront of the market trends and motivates us to bring continuously optimized products to you.


Meet Our Engineering Team

With extensive industry and electrical experience, our technicians conduct regular training to improve their skills and respond to multiple concerns. Constantly aiming to further develop our product lines, our engineers study technological breakthroughs and trends to create functional and direct solutions for you.

Innovation Evident in Every Aspect

Closely following industry trends and understanding today’s challenges allows our R&D and engineering teams to create responsive solutions to improve your business.

Product Development & Optimization

Absorbing new technologies allows us to adapt to latest industry standards. In facing today’s ever-growing challenges, we see opportunities to build more powerful products to better protect your power system.

Manufacturing Improvement

We constantly introduce new and advanced manufacturing equipment to improve our production capacity. We also regularly conduct training sessions with our workforce to constantly enhance their workmanship.


Using branded electrical equipment, our products are built for lasting efficiency. With minimizing the need for constant replacement of product parts, we help lower waste accumulation and environmental pollution.

For Better Products

Learning from previous projects, we enhance the quality and functionality of our product line regularly. Through R&D and the latest technology, we create switchgear products that address current challenges with swift efficiency while reducing costs and saving time on manufacturing.

Low Maintenance

For Highly Efficient Productivity

Following the 6S standards, our workforce has the discipline and SOP to innovate and master new techniques to create products, resulting in consistently rising product yields.

Refined Workmanship

Refined Workmanship

We learn from new trends and improve our workmanship constantly to be able to adopt latest modular designs for switchgear components. Our engineers create circuit breaker contacts with progressive molding workmanship, resulting in increased productivity.

Processes Improvement
Processes Improvement

Processes Improvement

Rigorous workplace inspections and well-monitored manufacturing practices are just a few of our routines to update our factory operations for maximized, sustainable productivity.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization

Prioritizing the efficiency of our workforce, we conduct routine inspections to ensure all machines function properly and at full capacity. Regular repairs on our machinery and introducing new machines helps us maintain an efficient working environment.


For A Better World

As an ISO 14001 certified factory, we strive to innovate through sustainable means to prevent environmental damage. From cost-saving to the efficient production of long-lasting switchgear products, we do our part in reducing waste and improving the environmental condition of our world.

Take a Look at Our Patents

With numerous patent certifications, our switchgear products are 100% original and built to last, bringing you ahead of the competition.

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