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Established in 2011 in the electronics capital of Yueqing City, Liyond, as a countable circuit breaker manufacturer, has strategic access to materials and equipment, allowing for efficient manufacturing and timely delivery. Liyond has made great contributions to the success of many prestigious brands such as Tavrida, GE, Eaton, CG, and others. Integrating excellent R&D and rigorous quality system, we are committed to delivering superior switchgear systems, circuit breakers, and switchgear components custom-fit for your needs.


Depending on Liyond for Uninterrupted Power

We are committed to supplying reliable high-quality switchgear and components, guaranteeing you a secure power system.

Utmost Safety

All our products are manufactured in compliance with GB and IEC standards, with the reliable interlocking system for components, ensuring safe operation and personal safety.

Minimum Maintenance

Owing to special surface treatment and long-lasting lubricating grease, our products deliver stable performance of all functions, prolonging the lifespan and minimizing maintenance costs.


Having gone through strict quality control, our branded electrical units and high-quality raw materials ensure the robustness and long-lasting performance of our switchgear components.

Wide Coverage

We offer a wide selection of switchgear components to cater to your specific needs and empower you with a one-stop shop, minimizing your costs and saving you time.

High Adaptability

A wide range of our switchgear devices and components adopt modular design for easy and quick configuration, featuring lightweight appearance and low maintenance properties.


Supported by premiere workmanship and premium materials, our products are subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee functionality for long periods of time.


Industries We Serve

We provide specific switchgear solutions to match your industry’s requirements for accurate functionality and exceptional performance.

Unparalleled Services for Your Complete Satisfaction

Committed to delivering quality service, we provide a faster lead time and complete support that goes beyond completing your order, continually helping your business prosper.

Lightning Delivery Time
fast delivery
One Week Fast

Faster than our peers, we deliver our switchgear products on time. Strong productivity in our 6S workshop and advanced equipment have streamlined our manufacturing process, leading to a 30% increase in our efficiency.

Professional Technical Support
Professional Technical Support
Lifetime Support

Even after completing your order, we’ll remain dedicated to serving you. Our engineers are ready to respond to any concerns and provide technical support whenever necessary.

Hassle-Free After-Sales
Hassle-Free After-Sales
Half Year Longer Warranty

Confident in our quality, we offer warranty periods that are 6 months longer than most of our peers’ to minimize maintenance costs. Our quality products can perform optimally for years without the need for replacement.

Why Liyond Is Your Second to None Choice

Following strict quality standards and developing new methods with every trend, Liyond endeavors to provide continuously optimized switchgear products to you.

Unmatched Quality

In creating efficient switchgear products, we conduct rigorous tests and quality control at every stage of production. Strictly following GB and IEC standards, our fastidious quality system ensures that every component is built above industry grade.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is at the very core of productivity in Liyond. Using over 20% of our company’s turnover for innovation allows us to develop new methods of manufacturing and effectively enable breakthroughs in our production and products.


Lean Manufacturing

Liyond excels in consistent and efficient production supported by our 6s workshops and the most advanced machines. Focusing on discipline, safety, and time management, our skilled engineers are able to manufacture quality products within schedule.

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