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January 15, 2021

VS1 Summary

VS1-12 indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker applies to power system of rated voltage 12kv as a protective and control unit for power grid equipment and industrial power equipment. It can equip with KYN28(GZS1), XGN, GG-1A and other types of switchgear panels. Related products: isolated handcart, fuse handcart and voltage transformer handcart. 

Applying Ambient Conditions:

1. Ambient temperature: -10℃–+40℃
2. Ambient humidity: the average humidity of a day should be no more than 95%; the average humidity of a month should be no more than 90%;
3. Earthquake intensity: not exceed 8 degrees
4. Saturated vapor pressure: average pressure of a day should be no more than2. 2kPa,the average pressure of a month should be no more than 1.8kPa;
5.The height above sea level: less than 1000m;(not including special requirements)
6.1t should be installed in the places without fire, explosion, serious filth, chemical corrosion and violent VS1 ration.

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