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  • LYC260

LYC260 35kV Insulating supporting bent plate match with contact box for KYN61 switchgear

Model: LYC260
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The bending plate match with contact box is formed by epoxy resin with APG technology, it is used for insulation, isolation & connection transition in various kinds of handcart switchgear.

1. Adopts epoxy resin automatic pressure gel craft that be APG craft manufacture. Product beautiful, Machine, Electrical performance fit.

2. Adopts high toughness epoxy resin manufacture , Machine capability excellent, And adopts low reaction activity recipe system , Material solidifies slow , Product body stress low. Maximum field enhances product  machine capability.

3. Adds activated silica slight powder, further enhance epoxy resins machine capability, Much ensures insulate long-term keep good electric insulate performance under wet work environment.

4. Adds organic color, Product color and luster bright, Does not reduce product  insulate performance

1.Altitude: ≤1000m
2.Ambient temperature at -30℃ to +40℃, the daily average temperature should not more than 30℃
3.The daily average of relative humidity is less than 95%, the average monthly is less than 90%.
4.Working environment should be without steam, gas, chemical corrosive deposition, salt fog, dust, dirt and other dangerous explosive media, which will severely impact on insulation and conductivity of products. 
5.Working environment should not be regular vibration or serious bumps

Product name
Bending plate
Product model
583*540 mm
Epoxy resin
Rated voltage
Rated current
KYN61-40.5KV Indoor HV switchgear fittings

LYC260 35kV bending plate match with contact box drawing

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