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For a decade, Liyond has been one of the top manufacturers of durable, high-quality contact boxes 

and switchgear components.

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The contact box is made from epoxy with APG process, it is used for insulation and connection the transition of various switch trucks. Liyond is a trusted contact box maker that utilizes branded epoxy and advanced APG technology, providing superior insulation and connection. We can guarantee a short lead time on large volume orders of quality contact boxes through our advanced manufacturing equipment and 6S workshop management.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

What is the Contact Box/Spout insulator?

A contact box/spout insulator utilizes epoxy resin substance which has great insulation function, and is injection molded through the static mixed APG process usually applied in the market. It uses superior quality pressure-resistant, partial discharge, and other testing tools to strictly control and manage the product quality according to the international standards.

Contact Box

Why Choose Contact Box/Spout Insulator from Reliable Suppliers

It is crucial to find quality epoxy resin bending plates and contact box/spout insulator that offer quality insulation to your switchgear.  Liyond, a reliable contact box supplier, uses branded epoxy and advanced APG technology which provides excellent insulation and connection. 

Here are the advantages of bent plate and contact box/ insulator in your power system:

Use pure copper insulation core

We use high precision oxygen free copper element that features low resistance, long-lasting, and stable conductivity that is equipped with an outstanding insulation epoxy resin component layer for power system safety and efficiency.

Adopt precious structure design

We manufacture high quality spout insulators with high precision and reasonable design to provide reasonable performance in the electrical power system.

Apply flame-retardant epoxy resin

Liyond's bent plate and spout box insulation layer is composed of superior quality and high-strength epoxy resin, which is very beneficial to any electrical system because it is flame-retardant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

Guarantees durability feature

We use branded epoxy resin material and perform mature APG processes when creating our insulation accessories, such as spout insulator and bent plate, to ensure the long service life of our products.

Custom Contact Box/Spout insulator Solutions
are Acceptable

Here in Liyond, our clients have the capability to create the attributes of their own insulation accessories. Just provide us the details we need and we will do the rest for you. Here are the following features you can custom in contact box solutions:

Select the size of your bent plates and contact box/spout insulator that suits your application requirements. In Liyond, your custom insulation accessories are efficiently manufactured and sourced from reliable suppliers.

We give our clients the power to custom their electrical switchgear and its components by getting their preferred rated current and number of poles to suit the intended power system application.

You get to choose the packaging material for your custom spout insulator or bending plate. Our clients can choose from various selections, like wooden boxes, carton boxes, and even pallets.

Why choose Liyond as your Contact box supplier?

Experience excellent insulating performance from our outstanding insulation accessories! Liyond’s contact box insulators are sophisticatedly made through the APG process with reliable resin as the key material, assuring extraordinary insulation capabilities.

Factory Direct

Getting your insulation accessories here in Liyond features a lot of benefits. For one, you get custom services at an affordable cost because we supply direct from our facility.


We have been in the industry for a decade and that speaks a lot in terms of our experience, product successes, and gaining many loyal customers.

Optimum Material

Our insulation accessories are sourced from high-quality raw materials, our suppliers also promote sustainable manufacturing. Hence, our products are durable and efficient to use.

APG Process for Excellent Performance

Liyond uses APG (Automatic Pressure Gelation) manufacturing technology to produce our spout insulator and bent plate. This guarantees good insulation capability to your electrical power system.


We apply branded epoxy resin components and perform mature APG technology processes when producing to ensure the longevity of our products in the electrical power system.

Various specifications and types

Liyond is open to manufacturing different specifications of spout insulator and bent plate because we understand that each customer has their own sizing and technical parameter preferences when it comes to their power system application.

More Details about Contact Box/Spout Insulator

Experience excellent insulating performance from our outstanding insulation accessories! Liyond’s contact box insulators are sophisticatedly made through the APG process with reliable resin as the key material, assuring extraordinary insulation capabilities.

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