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Electrical high voltage insulators and sensors are components which do not conduct electrical current, they feature low conductivity and keep electrical conductors from making unintended contact. Liyond stands out among other insulator manufacturers with our tailor-made insulator and sensor solutions for power projects. Incorporating advanced APG manufacturing processes, we are capable of delivering efficient insulation performance for various power grids. We also have a thorough QC system and high-end assembly line, ensuring on-time delivery and competitive prices.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

Custom insulator for sale from Liyond

Get tailor-made, high-quality electric insulators and sensors from a well-reputed Chinese manufacturer! Liyond offers OEM service, and we have a skilled technical team to meet the needs of our customers. 

With Liyond’s insulator customization services, you get to choose your hv insulators shape. Just provide us with your preferred dimension and structure for your custom polymer insulators, and we will surely deliver.

You are free to select your preferred material for your high voltage insulators. Simply send us the sensor and insulator design and an indication of the type of material you want, and we’ll do the rest in our company.

Our clients can select their custom insulator size. Just specify your preferred dimension and form, and Liyond will do the rest for you.

You get to select the internal construction of your support insulators. You can request the voltage material, voltage requirement, and the likes for your custom insulators.

Supply Various High Voltage Insulators to Fulfill Your Needs

As your trustworthy epoxy insulator manufacturer, Liyond offers superior tension insulators that apply to various requirements. We provide OEM services for diverse needs. Here are the following indoor insulator you can find at Liyond:

By Construction

Our busbar insulators are mainly made from epoxy resin cast insulators. Our insulators are featured with high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent electrical performance, and high safety performance.

Our post insulators are a kind of HV insulator that are structured based on the APG, GB, and other standards. Liyond post insulator is made from top-notch materials for long-lasting use.

A bushing insulator is a type of hollow electrical insulator that lets an electrical conductor safely go through a conducting barrier without making electrical contact with it.

Capacitive insulator are also known as capacitive voltage detecting insulators which work on the principle of a capacitive voltage divider. Liyond offers durable and high-quality capacitive insulators that will fit your requirements.
We offer conjoined insulators for your electric system or equipment that are characterized by busbar support insulators’ excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and high safety performance.

By Material

A composite insulator, also known as polymer insulator is a type of material resistant to electron flow due to the low subatomic particle amount. This is extensively used in the electrical and electronics industries.

Epoxy resin insulators are excellent electrical insulators and protect electrical parts from overloading, short-circuiting, accumulating moisture, and dust. Liyond offers a variety of best quality high voltage insulators for your project needs.

You might think copper is only for conduction, but actually, a white copper can be a good insulator. Our white copper insulators secure electrical parts from overloading, short-circuiting, accumulating moisture, and dust.

Grab your insulators and sensors from Liyond, your most trustworthy insulator manufacturer from China. Contact us for orders and inquiries.

Applications of Our Insulators
Can be Used

As your top manufacturer in OEM insulator services, Liyond produces high tension insulators with excellent low conductivity and prevents electrical conductors from making unintended contacts. Our capacitive insulators can boost the performance of your system and equipment, because they can increase the pollution flashover voltage, greatly reduce the line maintenance workload and power outage time, and improve the reliability of the power supply.

They are mainly used in power systems of various voltage levels of transmission lines, substations, electrical equipment (electric porcelain water heaters), and other special industries, such as rail transit power systems, to connect conductors or components of different potentials, insulate and support.

Electrical Switchgear

Since electrical insulators can separate the conductors from one another, they require a lot of electrical systems, like in electrical switchgear .


Epoxy insulators are helpful because they ensure the electrical parts do not touch the ground. This is why all substation devices in contact with an energized line or bus employ an insulator.


Transformer insulators are necessary for power transformers because they work as a dielectric by storing electrical charge when the transformer is energized and isolating transformer components that exist at different voltages.


HV Insulators in refinery industries help industrial plants minimize energy costs, which makes chemical processing more efficient. Moreover, insulation safeguards the employees from workplace risks, such as burns and noise pollution.

Power plants

HT insulator in power systems is essential to carry energy transmission line conductors. They are responsible for giving out mechanical support as well as electrical insulation to the conductors.


Insulators like polymer insulators are used in railway industries, whose function is to cushion the passing train's mechanical stress onto the rail and make the rail back to position afterward.

Why Choose High Voltage Insulators from Reliable Insulator Suppliers

It is essential to get your high voltage insulators from most selected suppliers that are capable of providing efficient insulation performance for various power grids. Liyond, a reliable insulator manufacturer, has a comprehensive quality control system and high-end assembly line to ensure on-time deliveries and competitive prices. Here are the features of our indoor insulator:

Enhanced Process Performance

Our capacitive epoxy insulator and sensor boost the electrical performance of your system, equipment, and budget because they reduce emissions and prevent moisture condensation in the device.

Less Mechanical Pressure

Using our electrical standoff insulators offers lesser mechanical pressure on your desired application since they reduce heat transfer by reflecting thermal radiation or decreasing thermal conduction and convection from one object to the other.

Good Support from Conductors

Busbar support insulator is a good shield for electricity and heat due to the good support it provides to the overhead conductors.

Wide Application

Liyond manufactures high-quality polymer insulators and sensors. Our HV insulators are used in substations to protect the switchgear and other insulating media like the function of bushing in the transformer.

Why choose Liyond as your insulator supplier?

We have been in the industry for a decade, and we can guarantee the quality of our products. As your trustworthy insulator manufacturer, we have a steady supply of quality components even during peak periods. Plus, we connect with reliable logistics companies to provide you with versatile delivery methods.

Product Quality

Our experienced engineers take into account all specifications from your technical drawings to provide an optimal insulation solution. Liyond offers OEM solutions by catering to efficient insulation accessories that suit your electrical infrastructure.


Our company has been in the industry for a decade now and we keep on striving for the best for our clients. Here in Liyond, you are assured of high-quality, durable products.

Eco-friendly Material

In recent years, Liyond aims to minimize the use of unsustainable resources. This is why we have been adopting reusable and recyclable materials, such as nylon, to create our insulation accessories.

APG Process for Excellent Performance

We provide you with premium insulation accessories via the APG process, which can lessen the cycle times of producing accessories. This method manages the completion of volume orders within a short lead time.


Our skilled engineers are continuously innovating Liyond's electrical technology and market trends. In fact, implementing nylon components is proof of our determination to keep pace with the latest trends.

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