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We're Moving Your Power Grid Project Forward

With the dominant position on the market, and well equipped with highly efficient production capabilities, Liyond is known as a professional switchgear component supplier. We have a reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled services recognized by many prestigious brands home and abroad. Liyond is the right choice for you.

10 Years of Electrical Focus

Our 10 years’ experience working in the switchgear industry guarantees the quality of the products we produce.

Solid Supply Chain System

Our reliable suppliers guarantee a steady supply of quality switchgear components even during peak periods.

Flexible Logistics Management

We connect with trusted logistics companies, providing you with versatile delivery methods for your switchgear components.

Efficient ERP Office System

We utilize a high efficient ERP office system to optimize our productivity and traceability, serving you better and more efficiently.

Qualified Engineers

Our knowledge and dedicated engineers excel in designing and manufacturing excellent components to satisfy your needs.

0.05% Defect Rate

Our manufacturing floor implements rigorous quality control that ensures almost all of our switchgear components perform above standards.

Liyond's Capability in Figures

We break down the reasons why Liyond can take your projects to new heights through our qualifications below.

Finished Switchgear Systems
Countries We Sold
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Years of Experience
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From the Initial Pursue

Moving Your Power Forward

We have established our company with great ambitions of offering reliable switchgear systems and components to every client at cost-efficient prices. We stand out from other switchgear component manufacturers in China by focusing solely on the quality and on your specific needs. Through years of struggling and booming, we have been making every effort to keep our initial motivation alive and well and bring more premium components to you.

Quality is Our Top Priority

The success in building our reputation stems from our unrelenting aspiration to attain quality in manufacturing high-grade switchgear systems and components.

Uncompromising Quality

Our production floor shows our commitment to delivering quality switchgear components that can surpass your expectations.

Refined Workmanship

We always make sure we’re updated on new technological advances and market trends so we can continue to optimize our workmanship for high-grade switchgear components.

Impactful Component Solutions Got You Covered

By being our partner, you can take advantage of impactful and highly efficient customization solutions.

Your Potential Challenges

Our Specific Solutions

Slow Lead Time

When presented with daunting large orders, many manufacturers struggle to meet the deadline. Your projects and orders may be interrupted by late delivery.

Fast Lead Time

With our streamlined production and partnership with reliable logistic companies, we can complete large volume orders of quality switchgear components and switchgears on time.

Involvement of Multiple Suppliers

You might have to go to different suppliers in order to obtain various components that you need to complete your projects and orders, resulting in loss of time and increased costs.

One-Stop Purchasing

We are capable of designing and manufacturing a wide range of switchgear components for you, saving you sourcing time and costs.

Short Warranty Period

Some manufacturers may only provide inadequate warranty on your switchgear projects, leaving you to deal with repair or replacement costs once you exceed the warranty period.

Longer Warranty

You can feel confident about using our switchgear parts that come with longer warranty periods. With our warranty, your power units will have a significantly longer service life.

Poor Quality

Poor quality results in malfunction and short operation period of the components, and you may struggle with frequent maintenance and power interruptions.

Superb Quality

Our certified quality management system ensures that only products and services of highest quality are supplied to our customers.

Committed to Sustainability

As a reliable switchgear component supplier, we take sustainability seriously when designing and manufacturing our products. We are relentlessly committed to delivering an eco-friendly product to you and minimizing the carbon footprint during production.

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Witness Liyond at the Exhibition

See how we can make a difference in your electrical projects through our exhibition booth.

2019 Exhibition of Dubai
2019 Exhibition of Russia 1
2019 Exhibition of Russia 2
2019 Exhibition of Russia 3
2019 Exhibition of Russia 4
2019 Exhibition of Dubai
2019 Exhibition of Russia 1
2019 Exhibition of Russia 2
2019 Exhibition of Russia 3
2019 Exhibition of Russia 4

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