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isolation handcart

10kV 17.5kV 24kV High Voltage Isolated Handcart 630A 1250A 1600A

Model: Isolation handcart


The handcart is part of the high-voltage switch cabinet and is installed with high-voltage circuit breakers and other components. Their functions are basically the same as fixed switch cabinets. The main difference is that they facilitate maintenance and inspection (handcarts can be pushed and pulled out through the crank handle of the mechanical operating mechanism). Handcarts generally have three position states: working (during normal operation), testing (during trial operation and field testing) and exiting (during maintenance and overhaul).
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The handcart is a small car, the extraction part of the central part of the switchgear, and the main electrical components in the switchgear are installed on it, which is what people usually call the handcart. There are generally two types of PT handcarts and switches (circuit breakers). The handcart is also called a small car. Take the switch handcart as an example. In the case of a switch disconnection, the guide rail can be used to pull it out of the switchgear for maintenance or replacement.

The main components on the handcart are primary electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and transformers. It has three positions in the switchgear: work/test/disconnect.

The working principle/function of isolation handcart and isolation switch is the same, mainly when the maintenance line has an obvious disconnection point, to prevent misoperation, isolation handcart itself has electrical and mechanical lockout, the main circuit is charged when the lockout solenoid is charged, the handcart is not shaken out, to prevent misoperation, its upper and lower contacts between a conductive rod or copper row, through the tulip contact to achieve the visible port with the main circuit, so as to achieve the role of isolation.

1. Insulated column body, made of high-quality insulating material, anti-fouling and wear-resistant
2. Metal wheels, easy to move and labor-saving installation
3. Copper contacts, made of copper material, have long service life
4. Stainless steel shell, with good anti-corrosion ability

Reference dimensions of isolation handcart (For 650 width) (specifications can be customized)

isolation handcart

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