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  • DJR-S-Aluminum-alloy-heater

DJR-S 50-500W Anti-condensation heaters electrical aluminum alloy heater for indoor switchgear

Model: DJR-S


The aluminum alloy heater is a new type of heater designed for moisture and dehumidification of power equipment. The heater is made of professional aluminum alloy heat-dissipating material and high-quality electric heating wire. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, uniform heat dissipation, fast heat conduction, large heat dissipation area, high insulation strength and simple installation. Mainly used in high and low voltage switchgear, center cabinet, RMU cabinet.
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DJR Heater is the development and production of the heat dissipation electrical heater based on national standard GB/T- 15470- 1995. The product adopts a special aluminum extrusions of 6063- T5 for conducting the radiator, in order to increase the cooling area, and designs small ripples on each heat sink. It is internal uses the quality Ni80Cr20nickel-Chromium alloy resistance wire for heater, seiko produced. The product has small size, light weight, big heat dissipation area and long service life and the terminal device is safe and reliable, not easy to damage. As for the overall design, it has reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. mainly used in high and low voltage switch cabinet, centrally installed cabinet, ring counter, terminal box, box-type substation and other power equipment for moisture-proof, anticondensation, dehumidification to improve the working environment temperature and all the spaces need dehumidification and heating. Supporting the use of KT0011 series condensation temperature division monitor can realize the dehumidification and warming automation. The heater has the features of good heating effect, safe and reliable usage, long working time without failures, easy installation and universally used for the domestic various models of heater.

DJR-S-Aluminum-alloy-heater drawing

Working voltage  AC110V, 220V, 380V or DC220V, 380V (to select by the customer on demand)
Operating frequency 50Hz (only apply to the AC voltage)
Insulation resistance > 50M Ohm
Dielectric strength > 2000V (between terminal and aluminum medium)
Continuous working time > 5000 hours
Rated power 50- 500W

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