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F10-12 Aux Switches 6NO6NC for VCB Operating Mechanisms VS1

Model: F10-12


F10 series auxiliary switches are mainly used in operating mechanisms such as high-voltage circuit breakers, high-low isolation switches, low-voltage air switches and low-voltage knife switches. They are used as auxiliary electrical appliances to connect or break signal control measurement, protection and interlocking devices.
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F10 series auxiliary switches are mainly used as the opening and closing signal control and interlocking protection contact in the control circuit of various high-voltage circuit breakers and high-voltage disconnecting switches with electric operating mechanism, and can also be used as changeover switches and combination switches. Widely used in the secondary circuits of vacuum circuit breakers, load switches and spring-operated actuators such as VS1 (ZN63), ZN12, 3AF, ZN65, FZN25, CT19, CT19 and CTD.

1. Adopting self-force plane sliding contact, the movable contact consists of two contact pieces, no fixed gap, no contact seat, which can make the contact pressure of each pair of contacts consistent.
2. Adopting laminated structure, the number of contacts can be increased or decreased as required.
3. Small size, simple structure, flexible operation, safe and reliable.


Working conditions:

1. Altitude not exceeding 2000 metres;
2. Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃;
3. Relative humidity: the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40°C. Higher relative humidity is permissible at lower temperatures.
4. Installation category (overvoltage category) is Ⅱ (load level class).
5. The surrounding medium has no danger of explosion, no fire, no dust, no place that destroys insulation and gas sufficient to corrode metal.

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