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  • LYC347 (1)
LYC347 (1)

LYC347 Insulation accessories 35kV high voltage epoxy resin insulators with capacitor divider

Model: LYC347
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The capacitive insulator adopt technique of epoxy resin automatic pressure gelatin(APG). The bottom two screws act as conductors to induce current and transmit information to the live display.

It is often used on an earthing switch. Three sensors are connected to an earthing switch to provide power to the charged display. The sensor can be used as an insulator, but the screw should be grounded when it is used instead.

1. Epoxy resin cast insulators, sensor, connect with charged display device, used in switchgear application.

2. Made of epoxy resin, it is finished through complicated process.

3. Epoxy resin vacuum casting, the APG epoxy resin pressure gelatin, the liquid silica gel formation, we always supply the best quality product

4. It can be detected by X-ray instrument, bureau put instrument, thermal Cycle Test Machine.

5 It provides different specifications based on the size of electric current for the user’s choice, and sold well both at home and abroad.

1.Altitude can’t exceed 1000m, and the altitude of plateau type can’t exceed 3000m;
2.Surrounding temperature ranges from -10℃ to +40℃,and the daily average temperature;
3.Daily average value of Relative humidity can’t exceed 95%,and the monthly average;
4.There is no any dust, smoke, pollution of corrosive or flammable air,vapor and salt fog; 
5.There is no any frequent vibration or bumping in installation place;
6.The product all could run in the case of dew and Ⅱ feculence condition

Product name Insulator
Product model LYC347
Material Epoxy resin
Rated voltage 40.5kV
Height 360
Craft The Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG)

LYC347 35kV divider epoxy resin insulator drawing

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