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Professional Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch known as the heart of the electrical system designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit.


We are a trusted circuit breaker manufacturer in China specializing in manufacturing high-quality circuit breakers and components. We utilize branded raw materials and employ an efficient quality control system, ensuring all components perform optimally.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

Fulfill Your Custom Circuit Breaker Needs

We Guarantee You Marketable Tailor-made Solutions. Liyond as a reliable circuit breaker supplier excels at providing custom-built circuit breaker solutions to cater to your specific needs and requirements. Backing up with our solid supply chain system and production capability, we are capable of manufacturing and sourcing your required circuit breaker once and for all. Here are the features you can alter for your modular design. 

You can select your circuit breaker sizes depending on your project requirement. Simply provide us with your needed circuit breaker dimension, and we will deliver.

Our clients get to choose from various circuit breaker materials. Our team works with our reliable suppliers to source high-grade raw materials. This is to ensure we only provide the best circuit breaker parts and accessories in the market.

It is also essential to know your preferred contact system, contact pressure, opening and closing speed, bounce time, and so on.

We also cater to providing good packaging and logo design for your circuit breaker wholesale orders. Putting your brand logo will boost your brand awareness which will draw more customers to your business.

Wholesale Circuit Breaker from Liyond

As a professional circuit breaker manufacturer, Liyond is your go-to place if you are looking for a custom circuit breaker material in bulk. We offer various installation methods and different insulating mediums for your custom circuit breakers.

Different Installation Way

We offer a variety of installation manners for your circuit breaker. The installation place of your circuit breaker is one of the essential factors to consider when you want to apply them.

A mounted circuit breaker is bolted in its enclosure and wired to the load frame. These units are usually rated 600 volts or less and are front mountable.

Withdrawable circuit breakers are offered with mechanical and electrical safety interlocking tools to prevent mistakes from being made. Mechanical interlocks are usually provided by means of mechanical latches, bolts, or shutters.
Embedded circuit breakers are known to be third-generation circuit breakers and they possess stable quality, high reliability, and are capable of resisting environmental pollution.

Different Insulating Medium

You can also choose your circuit breaker based on the insulating medium you prefer. Here in Liyond, you can select from the following:

Vacuum is where the arc quenching takes place in the vacuum circuit breaker. The opening and closing of electrical current carrying contacts and associated arc interruption occurs in a vacuum chamber in the breaker, called a vacuum interrupter. This is used for medium voltage and high voltage applications.

SF6 gas can efficiently transfer heat by convection because of its low gaseous viscosity.  Due to the unique properties of this gas, the SF6 circuit breaker is used in a complete range of medium voltage and high voltage electrical power systems.

Get industrial circuit breaker from your reliable circuit breaker supplier from China. Contact us for more information.

Applications of Our Circuit Breakers
Can be Used

Circuit breakers are used for switching loads in many industries, buildings, commercial complexes, hotels, railways, power plants, and more. They can be configured in the middle, double, and fixed cabinets to control and protect high voltage electrical switchgear.   

For more ideas, they are widely used in:

Shopping malls

One application of circuit breakers is being used in shopping malls to protect the places’ electrical circuitry in case of power overload. They will cut the power when too much current is present in the circuit, which stops overheating.


A circuit power system in railways is also essential for safe operations in the train industry. Note that circuit breakers do not save people directly, but they provide defense against electrical fires due to power surges.


Highway illumination is necessary for better vision of drivers at nighttime. Since electricity is involved, circuit breakers are also required for security.


Subways, like highways, need circuit breakers to automatically disrupt the flow of a current if there is a short circuit or overload. Thus, they can prevent fire damage.


Short circuit or loose wiring connections can cause thousands of electric fires and millions in property damage in airports. Hence vacuum circuit breakers are a must.

Nuclear power

Also, circuit breakers are being used in nuclear power plants because the place is prone to electrical hazards. They will halt the electricity surge when too much current is present in the circuit, which stops overheating.


The communication industry also uses power lines, which in turn, they will need circuit breakers too for backup in terms of security purposes.


Subways, like highways, need circuit breakers for circuit breaker automatically disrupts the flow of a current if there is a short circuit or overload. Thus, they can prevent fire damage.

Urban Infrastructure and other Major Engineer projects

Electrical accidents can cause fires, which may result in huge property damages. Therefore, circuit breakers are a must to halt any fault power flow to avoid such disasters.

Why Choose Circuit Breaker
from Liyond

As an established circuit breaker manufacturer in China, we strictly follow domestic technology standards and IEC standards to design and manufacture circuit breakers and switchgear parts. We source high-quality raw materials and employ an efficient quality control system. Each product will be subjected to a variety of tests and inspections to ensure excellent performance and quality. Here are the advantages of circuit breakers from Liyond:

Consistent performance

We utilize proven high voltage breakers and follow GB standards to ensure the premium quality and consistent performance of our circuit breakers.

Strong breaking capacity

Our circuit breaker design has a strong breaking capacity and is able to interrupt without being destroyed or causing an electric arc with unacceptable duration.

Enhanced distribution safety and minimized breaktime

We have enhanced our distribution safety and minimized break time to make sure we only deliver high-quality products to our clients.

Longer mechanical lifetime

Using high-grade raw materials to create circuit breaker parts results in reliable functioning and minimum maintenance. Also, our products provide a convection heat dissipation effect, plus prevent foreign matter and dust.

Safe Operation

Our circuit breaker assembly only has a few moving parts. There is a mere chance to have a failure issue. Combining the withdrawal operation and switching devices, our circuit breakers ensure safe functioning.

Easy to install

Our circuit breakers can be easily installed and reset. We integrate modular components into a circuit breaker to realize a compact size, saving space and ensuring high environmental adaptability.

Automatedly and remotely

Our circuit breakers can perform automatedly and remotely through the application of our advanced technology.

Very sensitive in operation

Since our top-notch circuit breakers are not limited to manual operation, they can also be operated remotely, and are very sensitive once running.

Greater functionality

Our circuit breakers can be controlled remotely and show the status indication, alarm and auxiliary contacts and energy measurements.

Parts & Accessories of Circuit Breaker are Available

A circuit breaker is a power switch used to protect a power circuit from damage due to a short circuit or electrical overload. Each circuit breaker component has an important function, so let us get to know what they are and their purpose in the application.

Liyond offers these types of cases and frames: molded, insulated, and metal clad.

Circuit breakers with molded frames can be used for a wide range of voltages and frequencies with adjustable trip settings because of the 2500A current rating. However, molded cases are not allowed to be reconditioned.

An insulated case circuit breaker is a type of molded case that utilizes a glass-reinforced insulating material, like fiberglass, for dielectric strength.

A metal clad circuit breaker has withdrawable finger clusters that let the circuit breaker be racked out of its compartment with a push of a button or racking handle. Through this feature, there is no requirement to provide a visual means of disconnect.

A. Manual circuit breaker

B. Spring stored energy operated circuit breaker

C. Electrical circuit breaker

It creates and stores energy to operate the circuit breaker. The operating mechanism includes the actuating circuit, energy storage medium, and interlocking systems.

It is the maximum current a circuit breaker is rated to interrupt at a specific voltage safely. Hence, the interrupting structure defines the ability of the breaker to remain closed for a time interval under high fault current conditions.

This is attached by a molded housing f to assist in holding a nut or nut plate adjacent to each screw hole in the circuit breaker’s terminal straps.

The circuit breaker contacts have segmented parts, such as the movable or stationary contact, the movable contact arm, and the stationary conductor.

A. Movable contact/Tuilp contacts

B. Stationary contact

C. Contact arm

D. Stationary conductor

A terminal mounting screw is attached to a high ampere-rated circuit breaker for connection between the internal electrical components and remote accessories.

The trip unit determines when the contacts will open automatically. It includes elements designed to sense the heat resulting from overload conditions and the high current resulting from a short circuit.

How are Circuit breakers manufactured?

Liyond circuit breakers are manufactured meticulously with proper care and quality tests to ensure the product quality we produce in our facility. Here is the manufacturing process of our circuit breakers.

The Molding Processing

Our workshop is equipped with an electrical pulse, low-speed, wire-cutting machines, and other processing units, which ensures a full self-production of necessary molds and the consistency of each product.

The Injection Molding

Our injection molding workshop has fully automatic machines, improving production efficiency and creating a safe working environment with advanced fully digital large punching machines.

Refined Production

Our refined production management has made remarkable improvements on operation cost, production efficiency, qualification, energy, utilization rates, and other aspects.

Packaging and Delivery

Our customers can choose packing materials once products have been meticulously checked, such as wooden boxes, cartons, or pallets. Liyond offers worldwide delivery.

Point-to-Point Inspection

Dedicated workers adheres to our formulated SOP documents when inspecting our switchgear products to make sure every aspect of the circuit breaker component is checked.

Smart Production

We integrate PLM (product lifecycle management), OMS (outage management system), CRM (contact resistance measurement), and ERM (electronic restart module) into a comprehensive operation in the digital management for product design, emulation, manufacturing, assembling, detecting, packing, and more.

Why choose Liyond as your circuit breaker manufacturer?

Liyond has been in the industry for more than 10 years, and we can guarantee the quality of our products. As your reliable circuit breaker manufacturer, we have a steady supply of quality high voltage circuit breakers even during peak periods and we connect with trusted logistics companies to provide you with versatile delivery methods.

  • Outstanding creative ability
  • Experienced Circuit Breaker Expert
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Fast Worldwide Delivery
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Outstanding creative ability

    Liyond is granted with international certifications, such as CE, GE, IEC, and Utility Model Certificate. These certificates serve as proof that our manufacturing of circuit breakers adheres to international standards. Our ERP system streamlines our production process to reduce problems on the production floor.

    CE, GE, IEC Certificate
    Environmental and Intelligent Principle
    Reduced Downtime When Manufacturing
  • Experienced Circuit Breaker Expert

    Our company has specialized in researching and manufacturing medium and high voltage circuit breakers for over 10 years, and we keep on creating better products for our clients, the reason why many of our clients keep on coming back for repeat orders. Our technical teams are experienced in product development, promotion, and maintenance. This reflects on the products we produce. Our facility workers are granted international welder certificates. This goes to show that our employees are equipped to create high-quality welding solutions.

    Constant Product Research & Development
    Possess International Welder Certificates
    Professional Technical Team
  • Guaranteed Quality

    Our business attained international certifications, including CE, IEC, ISO9001, and ISO14001. We gained the trust and order of the globe’s top 500 companies in the industry, including GE, EATON, CG, and TAVRIDA because we commit to surpassing our clients' expectations. We make thorough quality control in the raw materials and parts for manufacturing the circuit breaker components before manufacturing. We also perform a series of mechanical tests before packaging. Our company is well known in China and in some parts of the world due to our quality custom circuit breakers’ durability and longevity.

    Strict Quality Inspection System
    Quality Certificates
    Cooperate with Global 500 Top Companies
  • Environmental Friendly

    We manufacture circuit breakers with automated equipment, yet they are power efficient since they only consume low energy. Liyond promotes sustainable production, including the use of eco-friendly laser printing, which reduces production waste and the cost of products.

    More Automation Equipments
    Insist on Sustainable Development
  • Fast Worldwide Delivery

    We're able to offer fast delivery worldwide. So whether you are in Asia, Europe, North America, or the Middle East, we can quickly reach you. Our automated machines offer 20-30% power and work efficiency, which guarantees a short lead time and is beneficial to our clients. Because our production speed is one week faster than other manufacturers. With our streamlined production and partnership with reliable logistic businesses, we can complete a large volume of orders one week earlier than competitors.

    Short Lead Time
    Streamlined Production
    With Reliable Logistic Businesses
  • Excellent Customer Service

    Liyond offers a lifetime of after-sales technical circuit breaker services to our valued customers because you deserve the best quality service. We also offer 18 months of product warranty, which is a warranty of 6 months longer compared to other business competitors.Our reliable customer service team can quickly respond to your queries and consultation for free.

    Quick Reply
    A Lifetime After-sales Technical Services
    18 Months of Product Warranty

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