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sf6 load break switch

FLN36-12D/FLRN36-12D SF6 Load Break Switch LBS

Model: FLN36-12D/FLRN36-12D


FLN36-12D/FLRN36-12D type indoor AC high voltage SF6 load break switch is suitable for three-phase 50Hz ring network or terminal power supply and industrial electrical equipment, for protecting the line of 10kV Electric Power Load Control System.

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    Good Safety Performance

    If internal arcing occurs, the housing has an internal structure weak point, it will be rushed to open, followed by the cabinet above the shutter release arc red open air overpressure stream-oriented outside the cabinet, ensure that the switch cabinet security checks.

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    High Security and Reliability

    Load break switch sets closing, opening, earthing three at one, filled with SF6 gas encapsulated in epoxy resin housing, three-position interlock, have compact structure.

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    Other Advantages

    Small size, light weight, maintenance-free, easy and safe to operate.

  • Technical Parameters
  • Drawing
Item Unit Data
FLN36-12D/T630-25 FLRN36-12D/T1250-31.5
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630 1250
4 Rated active load breaking current 630
5 Rated closed loop dropout current 630
6 Rated transfer current 1700
7 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) kV phase to earth, between phase 75, fracture 85
8 1min power frequency withstand voltage phase to earth, between phase 42, fracture 48
9 Rated short-time withstand current(2s) kA 25
10 Rated peak withstand current 63
11 Rated short-circuit closing current(peak) 63 80(expected)
12 Fuse type S LAJ-12
13 Output energy of impactor J 1+0.5
Mechanical life Load switch time 5000
Earth switch 2000

FLN36-12D Type SF6 Load Break Switch drawing

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