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  • DSN-DM indoor electromagnetic lock 1
DSN-DM indoor electromagnetic lock 1

DSN-DM Indoor Electromagnetic Lock Type Left/Right Open With Display Function

Model: DSN-DM


The indoor electromagnetic lock is an electronic control mechanism interlocking device for preventing electrical misoperation of high voltage switchgear. This indoor electromagnetic lock mainly provides forced interlocking for high voltage switchgear cabinet doors and other places requiring full chain to prevent accidental entry. The occurrence of live intervals and misoperations is an indispensable locking device for the power generation and power supply departments.
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DSN-DM indoor electromagnetic lock is used in indoor high-voltage electrical equipment with rated voltage of 3.6, 7.2, 12, 40.5KV and frequency of 50Hz. Matching with the sensor, it has the function of reflecting the live condition of the high-voltage circuit and implementing forced locking. Assembled in the front and rear doors of various switch cabinets and other parts that need to be locked, it can reliably prevent electrical misoperations, prevent mis-entry into the live interval, and improve the anti-misoperation performance of supporting products.

Working principle

The DSN-DM indoor electromagnetic lock consists of two parts: mechanical and electrical. The mechanical part consists of the door lock core and compression spring. The electrical part is composed of display part, mainframe circuit board, electromagnetic coil, travel switch, etc.
Its working principle is to use the sensor to extract high voltage signal, so that the light-emitting diode glows to indicate A, B, C three-phase high voltage charged condition, when the high-voltage main bus regardless of which phase is charged, the relay action, the contact open, so that the solenoid coil is de-energized, at this time, the electromagnetic lock can not achieve unlocking, when the high-voltage main bus three phases are not charged, the disconnector action, the contact closed, the electromagnetic lock coil is energized, suction latch, the electromagnetic lock can be opened. The electromagnetic lock can be opened, at this point, the forced electrical locking is achieved.

Working conditions

1. Surrounding air humidity: upper limit: +40°C, lower limit: -15°C in general areas, -25°C in alpine areas.
2. Altitude: The altitude of the installation area is not higher than 1000m.
3. Atmospheric conditions: the daily average relative humidity of the air is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%. The daily average value of water vapor pressure does not exceed 2.2kpa, and the monthly average value does not exceed 1.8kpa;
4. Environmental conditions: no obvious pollution, no flammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and salt spray and no violent vibration place.


Light-emitting element of display
part of electromagnetic lock
Type Operating voltage Effective life
DSN-DMY1 Ultra-high brightness luminous tube <DC2.5 >30000 AC220
Open right
Open left
DSN-DMY6 DC6 Open right
DSN-DMY6 DC6 Open left


DSN-DM indoor electromagnetic lock drawing

1. Pass into the working voltage, the power indicator light is on, L1, L2, L3 three-phase indicator light is not on, indicating that the high-voltage circuit is not charged, the state allows to open the lock.
2. Turn the handle to the opposite direction of unlocking, press the electromagnetic lock button, the unlocking light is on, turn the handle (Y-right open, turn in the counterclockwise direction; Z-left open, turn in the clockwise direction) can be unlocked.
3. If the unlocking indicator light is not on and the display part of the light is on, it means that the lock cannot be opened.

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