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Indoor High Voltage Electromagnetic Lock Handle Switch Cabinet Door Lock

Model: DSN-A(B)M


Indoor electromagnetic lock is a kind of interlocking device of electric control mechanism to prevent electrical misoperation of high-voltage switchgear, mainly for high-voltage switchgear cabinet doors and other places that need safety interlocking to achieve mandatory interlocking, to prevent accidental entry into the charged interval and misoperation, and is an indispensable locking device for power generation and supply sector
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Indoor electromagnetic lock is a kind of electrical control interlock device to prevent the operation of high-voltage electrical switchgear with electricity, it is generally used in combination with high-voltage charged display device, mainly for high-voltage complete switchgear, box change, isolation switch, circuit breaker and other electrical equipment. When the high-voltage charged electromagnetic lock can not be opened (equal to the equipment door can not be opened) will not occur when the high-voltage charged misoperation, when the high-voltage is not charged, the external power supply is connected, the control electromagnetic lock can be opened. This effectively prevents the high-voltage charged misoperation, ensures personal safety, and effectively extends the life of the electromagnetic lock itself.

(1) Normal operation steps.
a. Press the button, the power is turned on, the solenoid coil is electrically operated, the moving iron core is detached from the lock bolt block, and the unlocking indicator light is on, indicating that unlocking is allowed.
b. Turn the handle in the direction of unlocking (left open clockwise, right open counterclockwise), when turned to the limit position continue to force, the lock bolt will automatically lock in the lock open position, then you can open the door. If not to the lock open position, the lock bolt will automatically return to the lock position, to meet the “automatic reset” function, the lock bolt in the lock open position, you need to artificially turn the handle in the opposite direction to open the lock, that is, the lock bolt back to the lock position, so as to meet the locking state.
Note: A, B lock shape, installation size is the same
Operation method: A, dial the knob B, pull the handle
(2) Manual unlocking steps.
a. Press the button, the power supply is forced to cut off by the locking circuit, the unlocking indicator light does not light, the moving iron core stuck in the lock bolt block, will indicate that unlocking is not allowed.
b. When the lock must be unlocked under special circumstances, take the unlocking key, insert it into the unlocking space, turn the key 90° to “a” or “stop” in the direction indicated on the panel, and push the moving iron core away from the bolt block.
c. (Same as step b of normal operation) to meet the “manual unlocking” function.
Note: The unlocking process of the unlocking key is to push the moving iron core away from the bolt block to unlock the locking state, while the unlocking must be done by using the knob or handle to move the bolt to achieve the purpose of unlocking, so the unlocking key cannot be used to unlock the lock directly.

1. The electromagnetic lock shell is made of high-strength zinc alloy, which has good room temperature mechanical properties and good wear resistance and corrosion resistance
2. The electromagnetic lock using high-strength spring, lock cylinder continuous opening and closing tens of thousands of times. Elasticity does not weaken, high resilience, very durable

1. Ambient air temperature: upper limit: +40°C, lower limit: -10°C in general areas, -25°C in alpine areas.
2. Altitude: The altitude of the installation area is not higher than 1000m.
3. Ambient humidity: The daily average relative humidity of the air is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.
4. Environmental conditions: no obvious pollution, no flammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and salt spray and no frequent violent vibration places.

DSN-A(B)M drawing

Product Model Rated voltage Rated current Rated power Cabinet door opening size Cabinet door installation size Lock stroke Remark
58mm×70mm Diameter φ6
Hole distance 82 mm
14mm New electromagnet structure is adopted, so the three voltage levels of coils are common

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