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JN15-12-31.5 4
JN15-12-31.5 5
JN15-12-31.5 6

JN15-12/D31.5 Indoor AC High Voltage Earthing switch/Ground switch

Model: JN15-12/D31.5


Our company developed the motor-operated mechanism is an advanced interlligent operation mechanism. Connecting JN15 earth switch with short circuit capacity and fast closing mechanism compatible, capable of photosynthesis test electrical earth swicth under the operating conditions, with reliable "five anti chain".

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    Use epoxy resin insulators, conductive parts made of silver-plated electrolytic copper(99.9%).

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    Simple installation, with a combination of the main earthing switch, without changing the original install structure of earthing switch. It can be achieved freely switch for manually operated and electrically operated. It's safe and reliable, attempts to prevent the conversion function can be relized on control and protection for the motor.

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JN15 indoor high-voltage earthing switch is suitable for indoor 3~12KV three-phase AC 50 (60) Hz power system and various types of high-voltage switch cabinets. It can also be used as grounding for high-voltage electrical equipment maintenance. The earthing switch is simple and compact in structure, light in weight, flexible in operation, convenient in installation, and has good dynamic and thermal stability.

Item Unit Data
Rated voltage kV 12
Rated short-time withstand current kA 31.5
Rated short-circuit duration s 4
Rated short-circuit making current kA 80
Rated peak withstand current kA 80
Rated insulation level PF withstand voltage(1 min) kV Phase to earth 42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage Phase to phase 75
Mechanical endurance time 2000

JN15-12/D31.5 Indoor AC High Voltage Electric Earthing switch drawing

1. Applicable to the following environmental conditions:
a. The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters.
b. The ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃, not lower than -10℃.
c. The daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.
d. The seismic intensity should not exceed 8 degrees.

2. Not applicable to the following places:
a. The installation site has gas, steam, chemical precipitation, smoke, dust and dirt and its explosive corrosion substances that seriously affect the insulation and conductivity of the grounding switch.
b. There are frequent and severe vibrations at the installation site.

a. When operating the operating mechanism to close the earth switch, as a moment of force the spindle overcomes the resisting moment, driving the inflection arm to rotate in the closing direction and causing the lever on the earth knife to pass through the dead point of the compression spring, which releases energy and causes the earth switch to close quickly in the closed position. The grounding knife on the grounding knife assembly is firmly and reliably contacted by the disc spring and the flange part of the static contact.
b. When the switch is opened, the moment of action causes the spindle to overcome the main moment and the spring force, driving the inflection arm to rotate in the direction of opening and causing the grounding knife pressure spring to pass through the dead point and the pressure spring energy storage to end for the next closing.
c. The grounding switch and the closing speed are independent of the operating speed of the person.

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