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VSM-12 withdraw type-2
VSM-12 withdraw type-3
VSM-12 withdraw type-4

VSM-12 High voltage indoor draw out vacuum circuit breaker

Model: VSM-12


The permanent magnet circuit breaker mechanism has a manual opening function, and the manual opening speed is consistent with the electric opening speed. It adopts modular design and is equipped with a permanent magnet controller. The opening and closing process of the mechanism is controlled by the perma-nent magnet controller. The external power supply is divided into AC power supply or DC power supply. Especially suitable for frequent operation places under rated current. The circuit breaker mechanism components meet the requirements of various dirty environments. The circuit breaker mechanism is divided into two types: handcart type and fixed type. Simple structure, stable performance and reliable quality. The main conductive loop can choose insulating cylinder and solid-sealed pole. Various arc extinguishing chambers can be equipped according to user requirements.

Outstanding Features Make You Stand Out

We play extreme caution to quality and utmost attention to detail, which makes our products so perfect.

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    Modularization of Functional Unit

    The main circuit unit and running product are coherent in interchangeability.

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    Strong Versatility

    The operating mechanism can be separated from the whole circuit breaker for convenient and easy maintenance and fix.

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    Low Maintenance

    No need of adjustment of driving unit; long-acting lubricating, reliable corrosion resistance, and high mechanical stability make low maintenance possible.

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    Long-acting Lubricating

    We apply German lubricating grease boasting lower starting torsion, stronger anti-aging and oxidation resistance.

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    Strong Corrosion Resistance

    Utilizing zinc-nickel alloy plating line with a German process to make sure our corrosion resistance is 5 to 7 times stronger than ordinary zinc-plating process.

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    Strong Expandability

    This product can easily realize diverse arrangements and combinations to meet functions like expandability and control.

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The HX03-12/M series indoor permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker operating mechanism adopts modular design, which mainly includes permanent magnet operating mechanism, manual opening module, intelligent control module, energy storage module and transmission module.
The structure of the operating mechanism is shown in Figure 1. The permanent magnet operating mechanism adopts a single coil monostable form, and the number of parts is reduced by 70% compared with the spring operating mechanism of the circuit breaker. As the number of parts is reduced, the probability of failure is reduced, and the reliability is further improved; It’s convenient for intelligent control and operation. The manual opening module can realize manual opening. When manual opening is adopted, the opening speed can also meet the requirements of the circuit breaker for
opening speed.

VSM-12 Permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker specification

VSM-12 Permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker drawing

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