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Circuit breaker contacts, including the fixed contact, tulip contact, and other types of contacts, guarantee continued and safe flow of power. Manufactured based on your requirements, our circuit breaker contacts are made of superior materials to ensure long-lasting use and reduce maintenance costs. By following GB and IEC standards, our circuit breaker contacts are built with accurate sizes and superior quality to ensure excellent conductivity.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

What are VCB contact/tulip contacts?

tulip contact

Electrical contacts are electrically regulated switches that complete or interrupt a circuit affecting an electrical current, which carry higher current loads and are structured to be directly connected to high voltage feeds.


VCB contact come in various sizes and forms, from small to very large, depending on usage and voltage requirements. A circuit breaker contact has three fundamental components, a stationary contact, a movable contact, and an operating coil. Once power is sent to the control coil, it creates an electromagnetic current and forces the movable contact arm to open or close to interrupt or complete the circuit.

VCB Circuit Breaker Contact Options for Your Custom Needs

Get a customized, high-quality electrical contact design from a reputable Chinese manufacturer! Liyond offers OEM service , and we have a skilled technical team to meet the needs of our customers

With our customization services, you get to select your VCB contact size and shape. Simply provide us with your desired dimension and structure, and we will deliver.

In our company, you are free to choose your preferred material for your custom VCB circuit breaker contact. Just send us the contact design and indication of the material you want, and we’ll do the rest.

You also get to select what is the internal construction of your VCB circuit breaker contact. You can request the voltage requirement, specific materials, and so on for your custom VCB contacts.

Even to your VCB contact’s packaging, you have the freedom to choose which material suits your products. You can choose from a wooden box to a carton box or pallet.

Supply VCB Circuit Breaker Contact
For Different Requirements

As your reliable VCB circuit breaker contact manufacturer, Liyond produces tulip contacts and jaw contact that apply to various requirements. We offer OEM VCB contact design services for different needs, and we are granted with international certificates, so rest assured that our contacts pass the global standards.

By External Shape

Tulip contacts are composed of many outer contact fingers and inner contact fingers. The contact fingers are intended for rated current disconnection operation and current transmission. Our tulip contacts are mainly used in middle high voltage switching devices and applications like high voltage circuit breakers.
Due to our industrial expertise, we are also actively committed to offering superior quality jaw contacts. They are used for assembling different electrical equipment, so they are highly demanded in the electrical industry.
Contact arm is very well-known for supporting electrical contacts. This is because electrical contacts and contact arm assemblies are very well known for fabricating circuit breakers. Liyond manufactures custom contact arm for your specific requirements.

By Construction

The moving contact is the moving part that touches the stationary one to have a flow of electric current flow and close the breaker. Liyond offers top-notch quality tulip contacts and OEM services to our customers.
Fixed contact like finger contact helps increase the voltage, which is connected with a magnetic tripper, contacted with a movable contact, and arranged between an arc extinguisher chamber and the movable contact.

Get your high-quality and durable VCB contact here in Liyond. We offer OEM services to make sure that you can get the exact product that you need. Contact us today for orders and inquiries.

What Applications can VCB Contact be used for?

We produce VCB contacts that carry load currents without excessive heating. Also, they can withstand the heat of the arc when interrupting the circuit. This is the reason why our electrical contacts, such as tulip contacts, are the primary conductive contact material of medium and high voltage switching appliances.

They are widely used in:


Vacuum circuit breaker 

Get your high-quality and durable VCB contact here in Liyond. We offer OEM services to make sure that you can get the exact product that you need. Contact us today for orders and inquiries.

VCB contacts are part of the switchgear component, which is required to carry normal as well as short-circuit current. They are an essential component in making and breaking short circuit currents.

electrical switchgear
electrical appliance

Medium voltage electrical appliances 

In medium and high voltage appliances, tulip electrical contacts are mainly used for residual-current devices, relays, contactors, and disconnectors. They can be applied to build such electronic devices with medium and high voltage.

Why Choose VCB Circuit Breaker Contact from Liyond

Our circuit breaker contacts, like jaw contact, tulip contacts, VCB contact, and the likes, ensure a continued and secured flow of power. We manufacture superior electrical contacts to guarantee long-lasting use and help you lessen your maintenance costs.

Excellent Extensibility and Conductivity

Our VCB contact has excellent extensibility and conductivity as we adhere to GB and IEC standards. Our tulip contact and jaw contact are built with accurate sizes and superior quality.

Outstanding Tensile and Flexural Strength

Backed by our reliable R&D technical team, we are able to produce VCB contact with great precision, good adhesive performance, outstanding tensile and flexural strength.

Tight Tolerance

The range of contact resistance in tulip contacts and jaw contact is significant to particular applications in the device used. Our VCB contact is ​guaranteed with tight tolerance to support your application.

High Dynamic Thermal Stability

High thermal stability is an essential property of tulip contacts and jaw contact since electrical contacts are used in control devices to either complete or interrupt a circuit based power source.

Why choose Liyond as your VCB Contact Manufacturer?

As your VCB contact manufacturer, we are backed by our progressive molding artistry. Our company produces high-quality and refined molds in our workshops, enabling us to create precise vcb contact. To help you save time and expenses, we are here to create a custom solution for your particular needs through fast and automatic manufacturing.

Outstanding innovation capacity

With the help of technical team and tacit cooperation in product development, promotion, and maintenance, Liyond is able to hone our workers’ creative ability and gain patents and many international certificates.

Professional circuit breaker contact expert

Liyond is composed of employees who have specialized in manufacturing circuit breaker contacts for a decade now. Our workers are granted international welder certificates.

The pursuit of quality

We are able to deliver worldwide due to our reputation of practicing a strict quality inspection system since we commit to international standards and tests.

Powerful Productivity

With the help of our automatic production, We improve 20-30% work efficiency when manufacturing circuit breaker contacts. We can finish your orders one week earlier than competitors.

Solid and Qualified Supply Chain System

We have filtered the best and most trusted suppliers to source our raw materials that will be used in manufacturing high-quality circuit breaker contacts.

One-Stop customer service

Liyond is your one-stop shop as we provide lifetime after-sales technical services, an 18-month warranty, and quick replies to inquiries.

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