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Utilizing vacuum as the medium to extinguish the arc, the vacuum contactor is designed to frequently turn on and off the normal working current. Widely applied in demanding applications, our vacuum contactors work with low to medium voltages for frequent switching operations. As your leading vacuum contactor manufacturer, we purchase vacuum interrupter from reliable suppliers to provide excellent extinguishing performance. By following rigorous manufacturing procedures and quality systems, we ensure uncompromising quality for our vacuum contactors.

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Liyond has been helping numerous prestigious companies and organizations to customize reliable switchgear components for the last 10 years. Supported by robust productivity and extensive electrical know-how, we ensure your parts are accurately made according to your specifications. Contact experts today!

What is A Vacuum Contactor?


A vacuum contactor unit is an electrical device that contains contacts in a sealed environment called a vacuum bottle. This sealed vacuum interrupter, when the switching takes place, allows for a fast, safe, and clean make or break action of the contacts in harsh, dirty surroundings. 

One side of the vacuum contactor is movable, while the other side is fixed since its primary function is to make or break the connection between the load and the power source. Once the AC vacuum contactor is energized, the generated electromagnetic force pulls the movable contact to the fixed contact; then, the spring pulls them apart once de-energized. This operation is contained within the vacuum bottle, which has the arc and keeps contaminants outside.

Supply Full Vacuum Contactors Options for Your Needs

Get a customized, high-quality vacuum contactor from a reputable Chinese manufacturer! Liyond offers OEM service, and we have a skilled technical team to meet the needs of our customers.  We guarantee you marketable tailor-made solutions and produce the best medium voltage contactors for you.
With our customization services, you get to select your vacuum contactor size and shape form. Simply provide us with your desired dimension and structure, and we will deliver.

In Liyond, you are free to choose your preferred material for your custom vacuum contactor. Just send us the vacuum contactor design and indication of the material you want, and we’ll do the rest.

Our clients have a say in their preferred number of poles and current rating. Liyond follows GB3906 and IEC298 manufacturing standards, so rest assured that our production of vacuum contactors is within global standards.

Even to your vacuum contactor’s packaging, you have the liberty to select which material suits your products. You can choose from a wooden box to a carton box or pallet.

Paying attention to your concerns, we excel in providing tailor-made solutions that fit your business. Through our supply network and resources, we can create, as well as source, vacuum contactors that improve your operations and solve specific problems.

Which industries can utilize vacuum contactors?

Compared to vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors are smaller and safer for higher voltages. In addition, since medium voltage vacuum contactor function as an automatic switcher to connect or disconnect the AC and DC main circuit with a load or power control circuit, they can be applied to different industries. 

They are widely used in:

Coal Mines

Among the uses of vacuum contactor, the coal mining industry benefits the most due to the hazardous nature of the mining industry. Reliable power switching and motor starting are crucial in this industry, and vacuum contactors help manage motors in underground mining equipment.


Medium voltage contactors have long life spans while functioning at a very high capacity. This is why medium voltage vacuum contactors are widely used in electrical generators for making or breaking the connector of power source and loads.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Vacuum contactors are often used to provide central control of large lighting installations, such as an office building or retail building. This is not just to regulate but also to reduce power consumption.


In the metallurgy industry, a high voltage is necessary for welding optimization. Vacuum contactors are essential in the operation process because they can withstand a high voltage after experiencing short-circuit conditions.


Medium voltage contactors are used to provide central control of electrical sources by making or breaking their connection. Also, they regulate and reduce power consumption, the reason why it is widely used in manufacturing industries, like the textile industry.

Incineration Plants

Medium voltage contactors extend to incineration plants because of their hazardous nature. This industry needs a reliable power switching and motor starting to help manage the incineration machines in the facility.

Why Choose Vacuum Contactor from Liyond

Vacuum contactors are widely used in demanding applications. As your reliable vacuum contactor manufacturer, we ensure to offer an extensive range of products. Our vacuum contactors work with low to medium voltages for frequent switching operations.

Excellent Breaking Performance

Our medium voltage vacuum contactors have excellent arc interrupting capability and are equipped with a branded vacuum interrupter to guarantee a stable arc quenching performance.

Compact Design

You can enjoy slim vacuum contactors to save space. Our medium voltage vacuum contactor comes in lightweight structures because of the fewer components involved. Even if they have fewer parts, they function efficiently and effectively.

Environmental adaptability

We use vacuum bottles that can prevent harsh external environments from affecting the operation of our high voltage vacuum contactors, which leads to a more stable performance.

Low maintenance

As your trustworthy China contactor, we produce vacuum contactors that are easy to maintain at low costs through reliable electrical units. You do not have to add oil or gas compared to other products.

Flexible installation

Our high-quality custom vacuum contactors are easy and quick to install due to their flexibility and versatility. So get your medium voltage contactors at Liyond and be at ease with your operation.

Why choose Liyond as your vacuum contactor manufacturer?

Liyond provides quality products and services by offering the latest medium voltage contactors globally. As your selected contactor supplier, we serve as your one-stop-shop because we surely got everything you need. What’s more, we cater to OEM services, ensuring all your requirements are met.

High-performance R&D team

Due to the hard work and dedication of our excellent technical R&D team in creating superior quality contactors, Liyond is granted with patent and international certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and IEC.

Experienced Vacuum Contactor Expert

Liyond has specialized in producing medium voltage and high voltage vacuum contactors for a decade. We are proud to say that our workers have international welder certificates.

Industry-leading Quality System

Following GB3906 and IEC298 manufacturing standards, we use strict quality control and testing at every stage of production to ensure the consistent performance of our vacuum contactors. All our products also go through a series of mechanical tests.

Highly Specialized 6S Workshop

Maintaining order and following strict measures to ensure optimum production is at the core of our 6S workshop. Our workforce is highly disciplined and consistently follow stringent cleanliness standards. We are able to work efficiently and ensure short lead time.

High Customer Satisfaction

Customer orientation is embedded in the hearts of our employees. We aim to provide customer satisfaction by providing a lifetime after-sales technical services, an 18-month warranty, fast answers to customer’s change in specifications, and quick replies to inquiries.

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