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12kV Environmentally Friendly Air Insulated AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear Ring Main Unit HXGN-12/630-20

Model: HXGN-12/630-20
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The HXGN-12/630-20 environmentally friendly air-insulated AC metal-enclosed switchgear is designed by our company based on the development trend of the “intelligent and green grid” power industry, and at the same time meets the standardized design requirements of the State Grid. It has absorbed advanced domestic and foreign technologies and design concepts. Environmentally friendly switchgear independently developed on the basis of This product has excellent performance such as reasonable design, reliable power supply, compact structure, easy installation, flexible operation, small size, and high cost performance. It is suitable for power distribution systems with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage 12kV: especially suitable for small secondary distribution stations. It is used to receive and distribute electric energy in power systems such as switch offices, industrial and mining enterprises, urban residential areas, airports, railways, tunnels, and high-rise buildings.


HXGN-12 switchgear

1. Independent closed air box structureAll medium-voltage live parts are installed in a fully enclosed stainless steel housing, and the protection level is reached, which absolutely guarantees the personal safety of the operator. It is not affected by small animals, saprophytic gases, moisture, condensation, dust and sun exposure; Rusty, no eddy current (cabinet body is 304 stainless steel).

2. Dry air is insulatedUsing dry air as insulation medium, the product is more environmentally friendly, eliminating the use of SF6 gas and its pollution to the environment, the medium voltage part inside the air box adopts composite insulation, compact structure, small size, high safety and reliability, small and practical.

3. Small vacuum interrupter designUsing vacuum as arc extinguishing medium, miniaturized, low contact pressure vacuum arc extinguishing chamber structure design reduces the closing output work of the operating mechanism, improves the operational reliability and mechanical life of switchgear, and truly achieves 10,000 times maintenance-free.

4. High personal safetyThe switchgear adopts fully insulated and fully enclosed structure design, and the protection level of the box body reaches TIP4x, and the protection level of the medium voltage live part reaches IP67. The switchgear non-transmission cable is connected by a touchable fully shielded plug-in cable head, designed with a reliable pressure relief device and a mechanical and electrical “five-proof” interlock. Intact man-machine operation interface. Prevent misoperation and ensure the personal safety of bombers,

5. Spacious cable connection roomThe cable connection room space is large, suitable for parallel cable connection and additional lightning arrester, the cable connection plug is at the same height, the cable can be installed in parallel, and the height of the center of the cable outlet casing from the bottom of the box is 650mm.

6. Flexible expansion modeThe electrical connector mounted on the top ring side can be designed between the functional units, which can be reliably connected without other functional units and facilitate expansion. Each functional unit can be designed as a unit-type ring common box, and the maximum number of units can be 4 units common box.

HXGN-12 switchgear

Integrated circuit breaker, PT (load switch) and three-station isolating switch, modular design, more convenient installation. Optimize the electric field design, the partial discharge is better, and the partial discharge of the whole machine is less than 1PC.

S/N Item Unit Data
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630
4 Rated frequency withstand voltage (phase to phase, ground) kV/1min 42
5 Rated power frequency withstand voltage (vacuum, isolation fracture) kV/1min 48
6 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (phase to phase, ground) kV 75
7 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (vacuum, isolation fracture) kV 85
8 Rated short- time withstand current and duration (main circuit, grounding switch) kA/4S 20
9 Rated short-time withstand current and duration (ground loop) kA/2S 17.4
10 Rated peak withstand current (circuit, grounding switch) kA 50
11 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 43.3
12 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 20
13 Rated short circuit breaking current breaking times times 30
14 Rated operating sequence 0-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
15 Out-of-phase ground fault interrupting current kA 17.4
16 times of ground loop closures times 5
17 Rated inflation pressure Mpa 0.02
18 Mechanical life (circuit breaker) times 10000
19 Mechanical life (isolating switch) times 3000
20 Gas box/casing protection level IP67/IP4X

1. Ambient temperature: -45 °C ~ +45°C

2. Humidity: daily average ≤ 95%; monthly average ≤ 90%

3. Altitude: ≤ 4000 meters

4. Earthquake resistance: 8 degrees

5. The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system shall not exceed 1.6kV.

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