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XGN15-24 24kv SF6 Ring Main Unit RMU Cubicle

Model: XGN15-24


The enclosure of XGN15-24 SF6 Ring Main Unit Switchgear adopts aluminum zinc coated sheet steel processed by CNC machine for assembling. It has degree of protection IP3X and reliable mechanical interlock as well as anti-maloperation function.
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XGN15-12/24 series unit type metal-enclosed ring network switchgear is based on FLN port-12/24 type SF6 load switch as the main switch and the whole cabinet is air-insulated, suitable for distribution automation, compact and scalable metal Closed ring network switchgear. It has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking and convenient installation. For a variety of different applications, different user requirements can provide satisfactory technical solutions.
The main switch of XGN15-12/24 series unit type metal-enclosed ring network switchgear adopts the FLN36-12/24 type produced by our company or the SFG type SF6 load switch produced by ABB company, and can also be equipped with VS1 type, VD4/S type, ISM type vacuum circuit breaker or HD4/S5 type SF6 circuit breaker. The load switch and circuit breaker can be operated manually or electrically, and the power distribution automation function can be realized after selecting the electric operating mechanism, PT, CT, FTU and communication device.

Item Unit Data
Rated voltage KV 12 24
Rated demand impulse withstand voltage phase to phase, phase to earth KV 75 125
Primary isolation fracture KV 85 145
1min power frequency withstand voltage phase to phase, phase to earth KV 42 65
Primary isolation fracture KV 48 79
Rated frequency HZ 50 50
Rated current Main Busbar A 630 630
Branch lines A 630 630
Rated short-circuit withstand current Main circuit KA 20 20
Ground loop KA 20 17.4
Rated short-circuit withstand current duration S 4* 4
Rated peak withstand current KA 50** 50
Transfer current A 1700 1200
Protection class IP3X >IP3X
Load switch mechanical life Time >5000 >5000
Earthing switch mechanical life Time >2000 2000
Load break switch cabinet Cabinet width mm 375, 500, 750 600
Cabinet depth mm 1000 1130
Cabinet height mm 1635, 1885 2000
Low voltage room Height mm 350, 450 710
circuit breaker cabinet Cabinet width mm 800
Cabinet depth mm 1000
Cabinet height mm 2000

Note: *The parameter of the ring main unit assembled with ABB’s SFG switch (upper unit) is 25KA/2S
The parameters of the ring main unit assembled with ABB’s SFG switch (upper unit) are 63KA

Main characteristics
The load break switch used is a separate unit, inside filled with SF6 has as insulation meaium, wren aisunguisnea teatures of long service nte, nign parameters, tree of poiiuuon and little maintenance;
2. The enclosure consists of premium Aluminum zinc coated sheet steel, which makes it an ti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, more artistic and novel in structure;
3. Spring charging operation, three-phase tree trip, five-proot interlock and operation meth anism as a whole, safe and reliable linkage;
4. The ring main unit can easily form ring network power supply unit or otherforms of wiring, and enjoy great extendibility;
5. SF6 load break switch is used with safe and reliable comprehensive properties, free of oil and poison as well as risks of explosion or fire disasters.
6. The design would be used as a combined cabinet along with KYNzB-iz(GZSI) central-in-stalled switchgear.

XGN15-24 RMU Outline installation dimension

XGN15 RMU Drawing

1. Altitude: no more than 1000m;
2. Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40℃, minimum temperature -35℃;
3. Environmental humidity: the daily average does not exceed 95%; the monthly average does not exceed 90%;
4. Earthquake resistance: 8°
5. There is no explosive and corrosive gas in the surrounding air, and there is no severe vibration and shock in the installation site.

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