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DPC-4/4A-650mm Electric Operated VCB Chassis Truck Configurable Control Module For Handcart Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Model: DPC-4/4A-650 motor operation


Chasis truck mainly used for switch equipment to install circuit breaker, transformer and other components, push and exit it, play a supplementary role in connecting the components with the busbar. When chasis truck works with the internal mechanism of circuit breaker and other switchgear interlocking mechanism, can meet the interlock requirement of GB3906 five-prevention.

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DPC-4/4A-650mm motor operation Chasis truck drawing

1. In closing state, when handcart in working or isolated position, and with handle operating, the handcart won’t move, so that to prevent to pull handcart on- load.

2. When handcart in working position, EK6 earthing switch can’t close, to avoid closing earthing switch.

3. When handcart back to isolated state, after EK6 closing, the handcart can’t be moved to working position to prevent closing with earthing wire.

4. Once handcart is away from isolated position, when push the handcart with handle to working position, during the way, can’t carry on closing operation.While after reached to working position, closing operation can be made.

5. After handcart getting into cabinet, as long as handcart is not in isolated position, it can’t draw out from the cabinet.

The control module is developed for the motor chassis truck. It is installed in the low-voltage room of the switchgear. It is used for the electric access control and protection device of the electric chassis. It can simplify the engineering design, reduce the secondary wiring work of the switchgear and improve the reliability.

Main functions:

1. Meet the basic control requirements of the handcart shake and shake, and the interlocking requirements of the circuit breaker and grounding switch.

2. With motor over-current protection function, the over-current can be adjusted to protect the motor.

3. Over-current return function, if there is abnormality in the process of rocking, the motor can be returned to the test position when it is over-current, or it can be stopped in half-turn.

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