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JCZ5 3 Poles Medium voltage 7.2kV 12kV Vacuum Contactor

Model: JCZ5-7.2kV(12kV)/250A, 400, 630A/ 3 poles


JCZ5-12/250A 10KV high-voltage vacuum contactor can be used for frequent operation or multiple short-circuit currents in the working current range; mechanical life can be up to 30,000 times, and full-capacity short-circuit current breaking times can reach 50 times.

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    The vacuum contactor has the advantages of strong quenching ability, good pressure resistance performance, high operating frequency, long service life, no arc external spraying, small volume, light weight, long maintenance period and no noise.

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    The installation form of the 10KV high-voltage vacuum contactor in the switchgear can be either fixed or withdrawable, and can also be mounted on the frame.

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JCZ5-7.2 and JCZ2-12 series indoor AC high-voltage vacuum contactors are divided into two types: closing mechanical maintenance and electromagnetic maintenance. This contactor is suitable for three-phase AC 50HZ, rated voltage 7.2KV/12KV, and rated current up to 630A In the power system, it is used for connecting and breaking lines over long distances, and controlling electrical equipment such as high-voltage motors, transformers and capacitive loads. It is especially suitable for various frequent operation fields.
The contactor is small in size and light in weight. It adopts the internationally popular upper and lower assembled structure. It is easy to use and maintain, and it is easy to form a complete set of F-C loop equipment.

Normal usage conditions:
1. The upper limit of ambient air temperature: +40℃, the lower limit: -25℃.
2. The altitude does not exceed 2000M.
3. Temperature: The daily average relative humidity is not greater than 95%, and the monthly average is not greater than 90%; the daily average water vapor pressure is not greater than 2.2KPA, and the monthly average is not greater than 1.8KPA.
4. The surrounding air should not be significantly contaminated by corrosive or flammable gases or water vapor.
5. No regular strenuous exercise
6. When the contactor is running, the inclination angle between the installation plane and the horizontal shall not be greater than 5°.


Item Unit Data
Rated voltage kV 7.2, 12
Rated current A 250, 400, 630
Rated making current(effective value) 2500, 4000, 6300
Rated max breaking current 2000, 3200, 5040
Rated operating voltage V AC 110/ 220
Closing coil suction current A ≤DC6/3
Retaining coil suction current DC 0.3

2/ 0.16

Opening coil release current DC 2.5/ 1.3
Rated operating frequency times/ h 300 x 104
Mechanical life times 30 x 104
Electricity life AC – 3 times 25 x 104
AC – 4 times 5 x 104

JCZ5 Vacuum contactor 3 Poles MV Contactor drawing

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