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  • KYN28-24

KYN28-24 24kv Electrical withdrawable AC metal-enclosed switchgear

Model: KYN28-24


KYN28-24 type armored remove AC metal- switch cabinet is three -phase AC50Hz,rated voltage 24KV indoor power distribution equipment .As power plants ,substations ,industrial &mining enterprises to accept amd distribute of electric energy to control ,protect and monitor ,circuit ,ect.Can also be used to control the place of frequent operation .
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Cabinet outline dimensions(mm)(not including door)

  Height         Width          Depth
          2300         800          1800
          2300         1000          1800

Structure Description

Switchgear are requested designed according to GB3906 and Ie 298.
The whole switchgear can be extracted from the cabinet and spare parts(trolley) two components.
Cabinet structure are made of aluminum deposited zine plate or galvanized plate bolted combination, forming a metal partition separationg the part of the circut break room,main busbar room cable room and relay control room.
And all metal construction were grounded, each com-partment of the main circuit system has separste pressure release channel. In the cable compartment can be set to 40*6mm ground busbar.

Main characteristics

Simple and effective “Five Anti”lockout to prevent misuse.
Can be equipped with VS1, VD4, 3AH vacuum contactors, etc.
Can be equipped with voltage transformer hancart, isolation handcart, fuses, ect. Used ,Used same use interchangeable .
The switch cabinet can be wall mounted, front cabinet maintenance, reduce floor space.
The circuit breaker compartment and cable compartment heater can be installed separately, to prevent condenstation and corrosion;
Cable ample room space, can be connected to a plurality of cables.
Shell protection grade IP4*, among compartment protection class IP2*:
The meterial can be gavanized sheet can be deposited aluminum and zinc plate production.

KYN28-24kv withdrawable metal-enclosed switchgear panel board drawing

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