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  • KYN61-40.5

KYN61-40.5 40.5kv Power distribution switchboard cabinet

Model: KYN61-40.5


KYN61-40.5 switchgear is three phase AC 50 Hz,rated voltage of 40.5 KV indoor power distribution equipment.As power plants ,substations and industrial distruction of electric energy only ,and has a circuit implementation of control,protection and monitoring function .
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KYN61-40.5kv Power distribution switchboard cabinet specification

Structure Description

Switchgear according G83906 and IEC298 standards and design,And can be removed from the cabinet as a whole unit (trolley )components .
Cabinet structure are made of aluminum deposited zine plate or galvanized sheet assembled with both connection ,separate circuit breaker switchgear roon ,bus room ,cable room and instrument room,All metal components are grounded ,each compartment of the main circuit .system have separate pressure release channel in the cable compartment can be set 10*60mm ground bus .

Main characteristics
1.The use of assembled cabinet structure ,circuit breaker handcart floorstanding structure ,
Samall size:
2.Optional: The company vacuum breaker VW1-40.5,xiamen huadian vacumm breaker VEP-40.5 ,similar circuit breaker are interchangeable .
3.Equipped with special transport vehicles can lift ,transport vehicles amd cabinet accurate positioning ,locking and reliable .
4.The main switch ,handcart ,door interlock switch between mandatory mechanical locking methods are used to meet the ‘Five Anti’ interlock function .
5.all operation can be carried out at the door closed state ,to protect the safety of the operator .
6.Cable ample room space ,can be connected to multiple cables ,and overhead outlet .
7.Shell protection grade IP3X,handcart room door open between the various compartments protection class IP2X.
8.The material can be galvanized sheet can be deposited alumimum zinc plate production .

KYN61-40.5kv Power distribution switchboard cabinet drawing-1 KYN61-40.5kv Power distribution switchboard cabinet drawing-2

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