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  • KYN28-12 Medium voltage metal clad switchgear
KYN28-12 Medium voltage metal clad switchgear

KYN28-12 Medium voltage metal clad switchgear

Model: KYN28-12


KYN28-12(GZSZ)removable metal-clad switchgear is one Medium voltage switchgear ,which applies to three -phase 50Hz,rated voltage 12kV,working current reaches to 4000A of indoor power distribution equipment ,mainly as a secondary substation by electric power plants ,industrial and mining enterprises ,power distribution and power systems ,power transmission and high-voltage motor starters and other places for control ,protection and monitoring .
  • Technical parameters
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      Height         Width          Depth
          2300         800          1500
          2300         1000          1500

Structure Description

Switchgear accoding to GB3906 and IEC298 armored metal- emclosed switchgear standard designed by the cabinet and the overall cabinet be composed of housing and withdrawable part (handcart) two parts ,the cabinet made of high quality cold-rolled steel and high quality aluminum deposited zinc plate by precision CNC macjing (some parts with high precision laser cutting machine and sprcial mold),doble side process forming ,connected together by high strengh bolts ,nuts ,rivet nuts ,steel rivets ,cabinet low pressure chamber ,circuit breakers chamber,bus room,,cable room unit cell effectively separated ,and each unit has separate pressure relief channnel ,with good relief and ventilation ,indoor another cable set 10*60mm main ground bus .

2 .with full assembled cabinet ,compact structure,equipped with a variety of domestic and international mainstream vacuum circuit breaker ,voltage transformers ,surge arresters ,the varivles fuses ,isaolation in the home -handcart ,all the same functionality handcart unit ,have a good interchangeability ,easy operation and replacement .


Main characteristics

It has a simple and effective ‘Five Anti’interlock to prevent misuse .
The cabinet can be used with ZN63A(VS1),VD4,ZN21,3A1-1,VB2 and VEP vacuum circuit breaker ,VC7 vacuum contactor ,load switch and disconnecting switch so on .
It can be used with voltage transformer handcart,metering handcart,isolating handcart,station used earthing handcart,of which are with same function and interchangeable .
The cabinet can be installed against the wall ,The maintenance can be done in the front of the cabinet ,It can reduce the footprint .
The circut breaker room and cable roon can separetely equipped with heater to prevent the condensation and corrosion.
The cable roon is spacious,and it can be connected to many cables .
Switchgear enclosed protection rating reaches to IP4X.eaxch compartment level of protection is IP2X.
Cabinet outline dimensions(mm)(not including door)

KYN28-12 Medium voltage metal clad switchgear drawing

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