Best Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers In India

Almost everybody is utilizing electricity in some form. Many electrical accidents can arise if the electrical systems are not well protected. Realizing this necessity, the total electrical switchgear suppliers have increased in the past few years. 

It is crucial to acquire this product from a reliable switchgear service provider. If you do not know which model to choose, scroll down below to view the list of the best electrical switchgear companies in India. Also, if you would like to contact a decent electrical switchgear company, then check this out

Best Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers In China

Year Established: 2011 

Location: Yueqing City, China 

Industry: Switchgear Manufacturing And Distribution 

In the present scenario, Liyond is a top Chinese switchgear manufacturing company. This company offers switchgear solutions at cost-effective prices. In addition to that, it is popular among global markets for delivering professional electrical solutions for different applications. Another best part of this manufacturer is unparalleled services with a quick delivery time. All the switchgear products are created in the 20,000-square-meter factory region, which is loaded with an arrangement of developed appliances and testing machines. 

The 6S workshop features a clean and peaceful management system that assists in giving a high revenue of best-quality switchgear products in a really short period. The switchgear systems created by this manufacturer have robust aluminum-zinc coated cabin plates and can resist corrosion. All these products will help in protecting the electrical systems and are easy to install. 

The top switchgear products offered by Liyond are: 

List Of The Top Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers In India

1. Havells India Ltd.

Location: New Delhi, India

Industry: Switchgear Manufacturing 

In India, Havells is a leading switchgear manufacturing company. It also has a considerable global presence with a vast distribution network and ensures premium and commercial switchgear. Being a fast-moving electrical goods firm, it also manufactures major power distribution equipment. 

The whole Havells network consists of 4000 specialists, more than 14000 plus dealers with over 39 branches all over India. In addition to that, the Havells products are accessible in about 60 countries. This manufacturer provides a wide variety of electrical products for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

Top electrical switchgear products generated by Havells India Ltd are: 

2. Siemens India 

Location: Mumbai, India 

Industry: Switchgear Manufacturing

Here is another high-end switchgear manufacturing company in India. Siemens India has an average per year earnings of over $83 billion from domestic and global markets. It is known for offering various kinds of products related to energy, healthcare, drive technology, industrial automation, and others. 

This manufacturer has about 15,000 professional employees who help in creating these electrical products. Currently, Siemens India maintains 22 factories located in India at different locations along with eight competence centers and also 11 R&D centers.

Some of the best switchgear products produced by Siemens India are: 

  • Switchgear 
  • Low-voltage – power distribution cabinet
  • High-voltage – power transmission
  • Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical for Power Generation

3. L&T Electrical & Automation 

Location: Mumbai, India 

Industry: Switchgear Manufacturing 

L&T Electrical & Automation still stands as one of the biggest manufacturers of low and medium-voltage switchgear components in India. The company manufactures a wide variety of products and solutions which assist in safeguarding electrical power in enterprises, constructions, and national properties.

As of now, more than 1000 dealers in large cities and towns offer this firm’s switchgear products. Even with high demand, they always keep a check on quality control to make sure that they are manufacturing only the best quality products. 

A few best top switchgear products generated by L&T Electrical & Automation include: 

  • Low and medium voltage switchgear components
  • Power quality solutions 
  • Low and medium voltage switchboards
  • Energy management system and metering solutions 

Things To Consider While Purchasing An Electrical Switchgear

There are many instances where several people bought low-quality switchgear at an expensive price due to the lack of proper awareness. Keeping that in mind, we have come here with the best and brief buying guide so you can easily obtain quality transformer switchgear.

  • Reliability: A few decent-quality switchgear models are robust enough to last for some years. Besides that, they will show resistance to flame and corrosion. 
  • Functions: Select switchgear that comes with easy-to-use functions and beneficial features. The PLC-based digital controls can provide synchronizing power and quick auto-start buttons in case of a power outage.
  • Construction: Choose switchgear that is made of high-quality materials and features durable construction. The best models will have heavy-gauge steel outer closets.
  • Cost: The switchgear models are accessible in a wide variety of price ranges. One thing to remember is not to buy cheap switchgear solely based on cost as they may compromise on quality. It is best to acquire switchgear that has a reasonable price.


As of now, the switchgear models are accessible in various places with different functions, materials, sizes, qualities, and unique features. Considering that, it is essential to choose suitable switchgear from a reliable manufacturer. As the primary goal of switchgear is to safeguard electrical systems, it will be best to avoid poor-quality products. 

Even if you have a limited budget, you can buy better quality switchgear. It is because the switchgear manufacturers of china will offer durable and decent quality switchgear at affordable prices.

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